Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rediffmail login issue

Since friday 9th oct 2010, I was facing issue accessing my rediffmail account. And it happened on 4 places, 2 desktops (one at home, another at office), my personal netbook at home as well as my mobile. Everywhere, rediff told me to try after a while and it went on for 2 days. Then checking some forums clicked an eureka moment. In all of these places, I had enabled "Keep me signed in". So, I signed out from page and then signed in again. This resulted in things starting to work again. It seems some cookie was in stale mood and not in sync with server. Whatever, problem is resolved !!!!!!!!

But, rediff could seriously do with some good PMs and testers. Just asking users to tryu after a while when it is cookie expired issues is really bad designing.

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