Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent miscellaneous experiences and observations


  • Adobe is adding too much junk in our recycle bin folders. It is seriously hampering the work by reducing HDD available size heavily.
  • When seeing downloaded videos like NPTEL from YouTube, it is good to use a wireless headphone. Keep laptop away and turn off wireless service. This way a good video can be finished much quicker than the laptop kept nearby. This becomes possible due to avoidance of constant itching to use internet and neck being in comfortable position.
  • Facebook is so ubiquitous that it is appearing even on restaurant menus. And even on, an insurance company, homepage. Google must be having real tough time seeing first big loss on online space where they were first movers.
  • When installing new OS, it is better to remove secondary HDD from machine. I am stuck with an IDE drive on machine that cannot be removed since SATA based OS has its boot loader on IDE drive.
  • In India, it is good to open your PC every 2nd month and clean cabinet fan and SMPS fan. SMPS fans are inside the warranty seal, but if it is Rs 400-500 one, then why to bother with warranty. Dirt accumulated on them made PC makes too much noise. Do general brushing on other parts also.
  • Regularly use DVD writer, else they will fail when you really need them.
  • All available indications shows that WP7 will continue to be also-ran, but no market leader in near future.
  • Recent DDR3 & N455 powered netbooks are high on performance, but not on battery power compared to widespread DDR2 N450 powered ones.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Windows problems with heavily loaded machine

Mixing boot device
I have a 3 HDD machine now, one of which is IDE drive. IDE drive is original drive on machine. Other two are SATA drives. Even though no OS exists on IDE drive as well as both drives in it are formatted, windiws continue to keep critical boot loading files in this hard disk. Removing this results in boot failure. I am still searching for the soultion after banging my head for around 8 hours. Lets see when that solution comes? Some blog post are offering solutions, but need to be in correct bend of mind to pursue them.

Unable to recognize USB ports.
Once I attached 3rd HDD which is SATA, windows stopped recognizing any USB ports except those used for mouse & keyboard. All front and back USB went bad and haywire. FInally, I had to go into BIOS and do "Load default optimized settings" which turned off VT support. This is intel DP8545SG motherboard. But, USB started getting recognized after that. After that, I enabled VT support and things are still fine. Let see how long, since seagate manager still has issue recognizing external HDD when opened. Some delay seems to be there.

Rediffmail login issue

Since friday 9th oct 2010, I was facing issue accessing my rediffmail account. And it happened on 4 places, 2 desktops (one at home, another at office), my personal netbook at home as well as my mobile. Everywhere, rediff told me to try after a while and it went on for 2 days. Then checking some forums clicked an eureka moment. In all of these places, I had enabled "Keep me signed in". So, I signed out from page and then signed in again. This resulted in things starting to work again. It seems some cookie was in stale mood and not in sync with server. Whatever, problem is resolved !!!!!!!!

But, rediff could seriously do with some good PMs and testers. Just asking users to tryu after a while when it is cookie expired issues is really bad designing.