Monday, March 8, 2010

UPS Assisted home network settings

UPS assisted home net setupFacts

  • Power goes down frequently. It is India.
  • In a 3 BHK flat, network cable from DSL company, Airtel, is coming into a corner room.
  • I own a PC which needs UPS backup, but my flatmates own laptop and need to share this connection.
  • Airtel wireless router is not so cheap.


Create above configuration using the following

  • Two 10 meters network Ethernet cables.
  • A UPS that can support network load for extended period. In this case, it is Back-UPS ES 650Y-IN from APC, which gives me enough backup to keep router+modem running for around 2 hours at least.
  • A simple electrical wire of 10 meters with a male and a female sockets on either side.
  • A Power-strip.
  • A DSL modem & and a wi-fi enabled router. Wi-Fi enabled router in this case is from Linksys and Modem is provided by Airtel.


  • Connect Modem to UPS through Power strip.
  • Keep Wi-Fi router in drawing room where from every part of flat can receive good signal.
  • Attach Wi-Fi power plug to female part of electrical wire and extend that wire to power strip kept near UPS.
  • Now take out Ethernet output of Modem using one of 10 meter NW cables to Wi-Fi router’s input.
  • Use one 10 meter NW cable from Router’s output to bring network to PC which is attached to UPS directly.
  • Use steps in the post, Linksys wireless router setup with Airtel broadband, to setup Router.
  • Above Green connectors are NW cables and red ones shows power lines to UPS.


  • Avoid running PC during power outage as this draws power fast and irritates due to warning sound.

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