Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Connect to your Windows 7 PCs from anywhere

https://www.mesh.com/welcome/default.aspx Install this on all your machines and make sure you have logged into machine and then locked it. Live mesh needs a windows live id. You may convert any of your email-ids into Live id. And then live mesh system tray applet will show all your devices along with a connect to device if machine is up.

Now, comes the dirty part. Windows 7 has nice power saving features designed to help an average joe save power. But, technical people cannot afford to think about power savings and be productive at the same time. So, we will tinker with these settings.

Sleep settings

Start -> Control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Change when the computer sleeps (Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings should be the title of control panel page).

Change "Put the computer to sleep" to Never.

Now go to "Change advanced power settings" and Power options page opens. Expand Sleep -> Expand Hibernate After -> Type never where 360 is given.

Start -> Control panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and sharing center -> Change adapter settings -> Right click and Properties -> Configure -> Power management -> Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

Its bad to turn off all these power savings features, but that's the way if you need to access this machine anytime. There are some options related to LAN / WAN wakeup packets, but I could not explore these till now, so the above one seems easier choice.

For home machines, one may need to buy UPS like APC Back-UPS ES which allows auto-shutdown of machine. this way, machine can be left running at home and connected from office. If there is extended power cut, UPS will turn off machine to save from problems. In this case, Modem & router too should be connected with UPS supply.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Linksys wireless router setup with Airtel broadband

Linksys WRH54G-01

This applies only to the above router & Airtel wired modem (ADSL 2+ BEETEL 110TC1) combination . Steps may change for different routers. Prerequisite is that Airtel Modem should have been configured and working fine before doing these steps.

CD provided with the product is not useful here. Some modifications can be done in modem configuration steps to make this CD useful, but it is better to make change in Linksys setup step. Since Linksys support technician will not send me chat transcript, so I decided to note down the steps he told me as part of troubleshooting. Although, he was very polite and insistent that I should call again on toll free 1 800-419-5797 in case there are re-setup required, but then why I should waste my time :-)

History: Earlier, I was using this router with BSNL connection through the first generation Huwaei modem. Setup CD would work like a magic for that setup.

Now the real stuff. To configure this dirty (in the sense that it is already configured once) router, following is needed to be done

  1. Disconnect Power to modem and to router.
  2. Connect outgoing network cable from Airtel Modem to Linksys WRH54G-01 router.
  3. Connect outgoing network cable from Router to Modem. You can use any network cable and not only the blue one provided with Router.
  4. Connect Router’s power cable to power source.
  5. Reset Router by using a mild sharp pencil. There is a groove near power inlet. Keep it pressed for 40 seconds minimum while there is power in the Router.
  6. Remove Power cable from Router.
  7. Attach Power cable to modem and router.
  8. Ping yahoo.com. That should return success response although browsing can not be done.
  9. Open in IE. Right now, it will open the Linksys page instead of Airtel modem page.
  10. Click on Advanced setup and go to Wireless tab. Use the user name / password as “Administrator \ admin”.
  11. Give some convenient name to your wireless network In basic settings section and change Wireless channel to 11-2 462 GHZ. Save settings and wait to get that page back again.
  12. Go to Wireless setting section in Wireless tab and select WPA personal as security mode. WPA2 is known to provide some issues. Select algorithm as TKIP. Provide some key to be used for protected access to this router. Note down this key for future use. Save settings and wait for that page to appear again.
  13. Go to basic setup in Setup tab.
  14. Leave the internet connection Type as “Automatic configuration - DHCP”.
  15. Only thing that need to be changed on this page is “Local IP Address” under Router IP section. Change it to This is very crucial stage. Save settings and wait for something to appear. Actually, No page found error will come since it will try to load which is no longer router IP :-)
  16. Wait for a while and your network connection should start working.
  17. Router administration page can now be accessed using and modem configuration page through .

Need to remember about Airtel Modem setup

Configuration access page is

There is a file Airtel_info.txt generated after setup on the desktop. Password given in that file seems to be useless or not sure what purpose it can be used for. User ID is valid. Default Password for the ADSL connection is STD code followed by phone number. Default User name / Password for the Modem configuration page is admin / password .

Need to remember about Linksys Router setup

Configuration access page is if above steps are followed.

Default user name / password for this page is Administrator / admin. This can be changed from Administration tab in the configuration access page. Only Router reset can reset the changed password back to default one.

Wireless network name (SSID) and its key (WPA personal or whatever you select).