Thursday, October 15, 2009

Initial experience with Windows 7

Nice bits

Off course its faster, compared to Vista, but that’s old information. Here comes few things that I noticed over last 2-3 weeks on RTM bits.

  1. Installation is pretty fast.
  2. Preview of files in explorer windows is quite nice.
  3. Default screen layout is easy on eyes with the use of subdued colours.
  4. Easy transfer from XP to Windows 7 is very smooth.
  5. UAC is a lot less intrusive now.
  6. Boot up speed did not go south, which used to happen traditionally with new OSes.
  7. Search results are much more faster.
  8. New Taskbar takes time to get used to, but after a while one realizes how easy it makes life when lot of applications are opened.
  9. When system is logged off, except primary monitor, all other monitors goes to sleep mode which is nice thing. I used to change that every evening before leaving to avoid trouble when doing remote desktop from home.
  10. MsPaint can now be used to make decent maps pretty fast.
  11. Problem reports menu has many more options.
  12. New start menu options of attaching frequent items with applications itself makes things easier to do.
  13. Multiple monitors got instantly recognized and properly setup without any effort on my part.
  14. New default power saver mode will make more people realize the power of it. And just a small gesture does not take it out of sleep, which means accidental wakeup from sleep is not easy. 
  15. IE8 is starting much faster.
  16. Most of the applications are working without hitch even on 64 bit installation.
  17. Path string for Desktop folder is quite small now.
  18. I have not needed to increase the height of taskbar till now.
  19. Nice work in removing clutter from desktop including gadgets.
  20. In default setting, No need to mute speakers to avoid boot time and shutdown horrible noise.
  21. Default password settings is stronger now.

Not so nice

  1. I am not able to use Media keys in my Logitech internet pro keyboard.
  2. New taskbar can hide some activity on some app.
  3. Search result columns cannot be resized in explorer view.
  4. Under default settings, one can easily forget that GTalk and Yahoo messenger have been left running on the system, since these have been moved to the hidden tray.
  5. Default setting in Search options fails to search binary files. One needs to type full path.
  6. Default sleep settings turns off network activity also. I left something to download on DAP and went around for 30 minutes. When I got up, OS was in sleep mode, but DAP was also not doing anything. People will take time to get used to this.
  7. I am downloading 110 MB NVidia GT 9400 update third time in 3 days via WU optional update feature.
  8. Even before Oct 22, already 8-9 updates are installed on my machine.
  9. Event logs are already brimming with enough numbers of errors and warnings. Event viewer needs major rehaul it seems to make things more sane and intuitive.

For those still working on XP, once they get graphics card with minimum required capacity, experience of moving to windows 7 is going to be really great. Obviously ultimate will be the one giving real awesomeness.

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