Sunday, October 11, 2009

DVD Writers and the trouble

After spending money on 3 DVD writers and 3 Nero OEM installations, few things are getting painfully clear to me now.

  • Keeping backup in DVDs is safe way, but it is really time-taking process.
  • Following the good practice of running with Non-Admin account is against the ethos of NERO developers.
  • DVD writers are most fickle pieces of HW in assembled PC it seems.

NERO has started monopolistic practice. Examples are

  • It does not allow copying of bootable disks from one disk to another any longer. There is easy workaround of saving content of first as NRG file and then write on another disk. That means one will be bound to NERO to get that NRG file written anywhere else.
  • With every new windows version, they come up with new version and immediately drop support for old NERO version.
  • Its is getting bloated like anything with music player etc getting added every time and updates ranging to 100-200 MB.

I keep on getting different other names like InfoRecorder, isoRecorder, PowerISO etc, but then who will evaluate all these.

Perhaps, having access to few rewritable DVDs will save me some money in long term when drive / Nero start giving quirks. And Nero 8 is sure to break in near future with some updates in windows 7. And Nero will not fix that forcing people like me to either buy new writer get help from Hyper-V configuration. Lets see, but another software monopoly is born for sure !!!

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