Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nice way to make money

Make the bomb and sell it to Party A - Make money.
Make anti bomb device  & sell it to Party B - Make money.
Provide both these to opposite party (A & B) - Make money.
Make a movie on the fight of opposite parties - Make money.
Make a movie on these supposed villains whom you provided bombs - Make money.
Make a movie protecting the country from these villains - Make money.
When these villains strike country - Make money by selling more anti bomb devices.

What a deceitful web created by the developed countries. Tags: ,,,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

LinkedIn Dilemma

Think from all perspectives.

Today, I got mail from a school batch mate asking for endorsement on LinkedIn about his work.

He is my school batchmate. I never met him after 12th and do not know anything about how he works. He was an above average person in school and got into a big government job also, but that all is the superficial common information which everyone knows. BTW, he is right now in IIM after leaving his big job.

If I give him recommendation

  • I will avoid losing touch with him. I would not use friendship word here as we just knew each other while in school and then no touch.
  • I will be doing injustice to others by giving false recommendation.
  • A serious HR checking this endorsement will figure out clearly that this is fake endorsement.

If I deny him recommendation

  • He will take it badly seeing how career-oriented he is.
  • I will perhaps lose any chance of asking any help from him ever.

Now my concern is
Why such things happen?
Why we have to face such dilemmas?
Why people do not allow any medium to stay honest?
Why they always try to squeeze as much as out of it possible?

If lot of people does this, HR people will lose faith on LinkedIn also.

I recognize that there is no binary answer to this question, but just pondering over. In the final analysis, the only problem from my angle right now is being not able to call upon him for any help ever. And that if it is needed in future ever. Even in that case, considering his supremely self-centered nature, I cannot be sure if he will ever help me without having some expectations in return.

So, It seem I am correct in denying him recommendation.