Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Useless guards in the buildings


The guards deployed by most of the societies in Hyderabad do not understand a bit about security. Even the guards deployed by security agencies are plain dumb guys. Anyone can fool these guys. And it hurts when these guys are checking mechanically everywhere. With a little confidence, anyone can get past these guys carrying anything and the anti-social group will soon learn these. It is so irritating to see these guys doing their duty anywhere and everywhere we go. What the government's IB is doing? Or probably, their hands are tied down by our dumb politicians who just talk some gibberish about social harmony without thinking about security.

Many times, it feels like that we are living in fool's prison. Take my day. My office is 5 kms from Home. I take out my bike and enter into office by swiping 3 times. In between home and office, I may cross 2-3 police barricades covering half of the road. When I have to come out of the building, then again I have to swipe at least once, but pass at least 3-4 guard points. Since our residential building is small, so I do not have to cross the barrier here at least. If I am going to some mall or movie theater or for that matter even a small restaurant, there are good chances that I will be checked 2-3 times using metal detector and body-feel checking.

Where we are headed to now? Is this the society which can promote any healthy thinking? I am in doubt about that. With so much restrictions, we will soon return back to mediaeval ages and that thinking. Why do we need so many guards. Despite all these guards, blasts are still happening at will. Thefts are also happening.

What is the guarantee that these guards will not turn into thieves once their services are accepted as inevitable in the civilized society. Why any and every major building needs some guards. Where is the basic goodness of humans?

And finally, what is the future of these guards? There are doing mindless jobs for the sake of few thousand rupees at most. Near to my building, there is a software office. I notice 2-3 guards standing in front of the gate whole night. What these guys are actually learning from life? Are they doing any new thing. Old guys mostly get used to it and know that they have been thrown into a mechanical job where no mind need be applied. They are just like the mercenaries of the medieval era who would run away at the first opportunity. It is just a sense of false security which actually protects nothing. But, basic insecurity leads to the deployment of big guard contingent everywhere. Maybe, since human labor is cheap in India, we are turning humans into a mindless machine. We are just creating an incompetent lot of unemployable youth who are completely aimless in life. These guys have no skill since searching someone or asking for identification basically needs nothing more than basic communication skill. As for monitoring, these guys are not actually competent to do such jobs. Something bad will soon happen in relation to this recent phenomenon. I am just waiting for the time when people will realize uselessness of having so many guards everywhere. Till then, I will have to leave with the irritation. Tags: ,,