Saturday, May 24, 2008

Future of cities dependent on remote sources of water?

Just considering India, at least 4 major cities are dependent on remote sources of water. Take for example, Hyderabad. It gets some water from Godavari, some from Krishna and similarly different rivers. With the ever-burgeoning city limits, demand for potable water is increasingly going up everyday. Everyday Politicians announce some new water scheme or some new extension to existing schemes. All these schemes does is brining more and more water from distances up to 100-200 km for the consumption of Hyderabad. And remember that per capita water consumption is higher in cities compared to Villages.

My concern is ho9w long this can continue, starving the remote villagers to fulfil the water tanks of city. When will that critical dissatisfaction level will come when villagers will just break/block the canals/water pipes bringing waters to cities. That day will soon come in my assessment. We cannot indefinitely tap into the resources rightfully belonging to someone else.   

As for 3 more cities, these are New Delhi (Satluj Yamuna link canal), Bangalore (Pumped from kaveri in  Mysore) and Chennai (Again dependent on Kaveri). Tags: ,,,