Monday, April 28, 2008

Experience with Linksys router setup

I bought a basic Linksys wireless home router from Arun computers, CTC, Secunderabad in Rs. 1800. Reliance digital, a new setup, is selling the same for ~Rs. 2100. Setup was not very tough, although web setup is not straightforward, so one needs to go for CD based setup utility. This means we need to keep CD with us always to make this router useful in new environment. I went with WPA2 security. Lets hope it is strong enough. Best thing with Router setup over BSNL modem is its always ON feature which means I can turn off desktop and network will remain be present.

I started then using it as usual 24 * 7 downloading various stuff or just keeping it on like anything. Within 4 days, it developed some issue and router got disconnected. None of the debugging efforts from my side helped, so I was forced to call service centre @ 1-800-419-5797. Number listed in manual redirects to this number. But, fortunately this works from even mobile as toll free number. Some Indian guy with fake accent picked up call. I was skeptical till that time despite the claim of "Award winning customer service" on router box. But, that skepticism got changed to admiration after speaking with this guy for 10 minutes. Rarely have I ever spoke with such a polite customer care person. He figured out very soon that it is hardware failure and instructed me to go to Arun computers back with receipt to get it replaced free of cost. This is quick service in my view when one openly acknowledges failure quickly.

Within 2 days, I got it replaced after some initial hesitation on part of Arun computers and then setup again. It is working good till now.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Review of Tashan

What else do you want in movie?

Anil kapoor is convincing in gangster role. Despite his sometime unintelligent attempt to mix Hindi and English, he has delivered well.

Stunts & fight scenes are beyond expectations. Matrix, rajinikanth and all other stunt master will go to hall of fame after this stunt. These are simply superb. You can believe that anything is possible after these stunts.

Songs are shot at very picturesque locations. Cinematography is not fine, but that is overtaken by liberal dose of exposure.

There is liberal exposure by everyone, so that part is also taken care of.

Movie is wrapped up well in the end.

Akshay Kumar has really delivered on shooter role and bhaiyagiri. A little overboard in stunt is forgivable.

Saif Ali khan is the weakest character here. he is not able to play dude role convincingly in the beginning but then you forget underlying dudism in the second half. Then he is convincing.

Not many supporting characters who are trying to crack PJ's.

Despite people seeing otherwise, it has a decent storyline.

Kareena kapoor just fits in there.

Do you need any other reason. If you can see Rambo, Godzilla, superman, then this one can also be seen easily. Just do not expect any emotional things from this heavy starcast and you will enjoy this movie. And be patient till last 45 minutes start.

One must see it. I am giving it 4 out of 5. But, just make sure that do not go in some crap hall as bad sound quality may affect the enjoyment quotient.

I am betting that this will do better than an average movie and may become a decent hit also. Anyone ready for that? Tags: ,,,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What to do before giving your Smartphone to Service centre


If it is mail enabled, one must do following which I did with my Moto Q 8 GSM

  • Sync your contact books with Exchange server or mail server.
  • Delete all mails one by one.
  • Unconfigure any mails which can be unconfigured. Or delete the account.
  • Take backup of the whole mobile on computer using activesync or any sync option.
  • Take out the memory card.
  • Take out the SIM.
  • Do Master reset on device and reboot it. master reset brings mobile back to factory setting stage where no user data is present.

Now, it can be safely given to Service centre guys.

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More about Suryalanka and Guntur

So we reached at 4.45 AM early morning in Guntur. Volvo bus went very fast, started at 11 PM from Hyderabad only. We stopped in the middle near nagarjuna sagar dam and some tea stall and then went ahead to Guntur. Our taxi was scheduled to come at 7 AM only, but we could not wait very much and went into Guntur bus stand. It is quite a big one and by 6 AM, we were on a RTC bus to Bapatla. This bus went from a very scenic route and we reached Bapatla within 2 hours with the nominal fair of Rs 21 each. From Bapatla, auto to Suryalanka took 30 mins and we were on beach by 10 AM. Weather was too good and we managed to get access to a very expansive beach which was quite free. Sea too is very calm there, so we could easily venture very deep into sea without fear. next 2 hours were really awesome with all of us playing beach volleyball 7 handball with a basketball bought from Foodworld :-)

It was cloudy and mild waves making the fun really great. By 12 PM, Holi revelers came along and we had most wonderful Holi on a beach with a most lively group of guys. I will always remember this Holi. Next day, early morning, we took stroll along the beach and the view these is so breathtaking and pure that it is impossible to describe in words.

I learned few more things about the place like

  • Guntur is the red chilly capital of Andhra pradesh.
  • Guntur is Rice bowl of Andhra.
  • Guntur has very thriving
    • Tobacco industry
    • Cotton farming
    • Handicrafts and handloom
    • Cashew nut production
  • Multiple beaches like Chirala, Suryalanka, Nizamapatnam etc.

In return we took an auto from Suryalanka to Bapatla and then 2 Indicas from there to Vijaywada. These dropped us at 1.00PM on Vijaywada station and by 1.30 train, Krishna express, we reached Hyderabad at 8.30 PM in reserved seating second class bogey.

To stay in Suryalanka, one can book poonami resort of APTDC or some hotels in bapatla. But, going there by own vehicle is best and it is great for weekend trip when weather is pleasant. Although I got heavy sunburn, but the experience was worth it. Hopefully, no one spoils it.

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What one can do with the windows mobile 6.0 device

My device MOTO Q 8 GSM came with "documents to go" as office application suite. And other installed applications are Windows Media player, pocket IE, pocket outlook etc.

Now, I took GPRS connection on this which generally works at EDGE speed when in city. With this, I found multiple usage of this device to the extent that  it is inseparable from me.

Start with, I can put lot of 64 kbps songs in this which is good for lonely times or when in queue. It can work as my personal memopad as well as handy excel sheet creator.

Now, comes the gem. Windows Live can be configured to install on this as well as Yahoo go. Or even the Exchange server mailboxes. This means all my contacts in mobile can easily be sent on the server which can help at the time of mobile loss or handset problem. Plus these contact books are quite rich. Mail syncing is very smooth with my unlimited GPRS data plan which comes at Rs 99 for corporate connections. Windows live can also be configured to send mail to blog provider like and any content from mobile gets easily published including photos.

Then I installed Esmertec Jbed which allowed me to install opera mini as midlet and soon I can access any website from Windows Mobile.

Next is office 2007 which comes along with  One note 2007 which can help in syncing notes. Another notes sync option is AirSync which can sync exchange server hosted notes. Office 2007 also has seamless integration with Outlook allowing me to send any documents from mobile3 to anywhere.

Then comes camera which has seamless integration with outlook which can then be used to transfer photos and videos to any place.

Final use is of using the device as wireless router when on move. Connect this to laptop, use "Internet sharing" feature and your laptop gets the network. Although it is slow, but still works.

I simply love the capability of this device and still maintaining proper power state. More applications will follow later on.

Crap web development team of

I have created a new mail id as <Atul ATTHE RATEOF Atulkumar DOT name>. I tried to enter the same in as my contact mail id and they straightly rejected it as invalid mail id. What a crap way of trying to do good thing. Some very crap guy must be handling the web development feature on this site. Tags: ,