Monday, March 17, 2008

My next outing is to Suryalanka

After a long time, my office colleague decided to go out and after much discussion, we have decided to go to Suryalanka beach in Guntur district of Andhra pradesh, India. This is about 360 km from Hyderabad and I hope to have a good time there. Although warning is there that I should not come out of water if tanning is not desired. Lets see what happens. Till now, only plans are there and only one way tickets are booked.

As I heard, it has an APTDC Poonami resort near the beach with 12 AC rooms and 1 dormitory and there are 2 hotels in nearby town Bapatla.

Windows Live Admin center, Email solution and web publishing

Windows Live Admin Center

So I own 2 domains, & since long, but never managed to publish much on these. Second one is till running, but first was not used since long. Finally I decided to do something this weekend and was searching through when I discovered windows live Admin centre. Earlier, my attempts with Google apps & blogger had failed, so I was apprehensive. But, finally took the plunge.

Problems started now. Very first, I will summarize that sucks in a big way. They are trying hard that people do not use other hosting providers than their own service. This mans everything in their web interface is very out of standards. You listen about CNAME, TXT and SRV records on your hosting provider and these records are not even visible on this site. If you want to add subdomains, there is no way to add more subdomains than one free available. I do not understand what is ABT record. When I am trying setup CNAME record for my blog, it won't allow me to provide a domain name like, but asks for IP address instead. Sane is true for MX record where IP address is unnecessarily asked. 

Anyway, I finally managed to figure out control centre of this registrar and added the MX record of Windows Live hotmail and created an email id "Actual AT AtulKumar DOT name". There is clear instruction on the live admin centre as to what needs to be done for that same. When Net4Domains asks for IP address, use to figure out IP address of the domain name given in the Admin centre "Domain settings" area. So, even this was done.

But, nowhere Windows Live admin centre says that POP3/SMTP support is not available with I spent enough time trying to setup account on the Windows Mobile 6.0 and Outlook 2007. Nowhere it worked as a way GMAIL works. It will always ask me for credential and then fail to connect. Finally I figured out that "Outlook connector" is one solution on desktop. And it worked like a charm. I am not sure how it works, but it uses MAPI instead of POP3/SMTP it seems.

On Windows Mobile, I had to Add this account as my Windows Live ID and then mail started working like charm. So, this ends the Mail story. Once everything is setup, it is very easy, but till that time, I had tough time over weekend.


More will follow about net4Domains incompetency and how to setup blog.


Office captcha



I have seen above captcha when trying to send first mail from my custom domain mail id with domain in outlook 2007. Captcha in the web pages is very great, but having one at desktop will take time to settle down. And if you read the dialog box, it just ensures that no mail is sent without this. Tags: ,

Saturday, March 1, 2008

What one can get from OSHO's books

First of all, I am really amazed in the way people have forgotten his real name, Rajnish. Very few can recognize that name nowadays. Now after almost completing one of his books on Tao, Joking Apart, I came to few conclusions

  1. He knew good quality jokes, mostly adult standard though.
  2. He had an inner desire to have big faith of his own like Buddha or Christ.
  3. Inside, he hated rich people like anything.
  4. He had not experienced the life of Metros, so his points mostly stems from semi-urban mentality.
  5. He hasn't told anything that no one had told earlier. its just old wine in new bottle.

His arguments are quite persuasive though and a working class guy can read it to know the practicality of life. Being practical in life seems to be key of his message. So, one can easily find answers to few of the dilemmas faced in life and find that compromise may be a best solution. Tags: ,,

Windows Vista UAC prompt is a necessary evil

It is like the confirmation prompts that banks requires you to approve before you can proceed with the the transaction. Even when we have logged in using our own account, they tries to save us from our own follies by asking for confirmation again.

In the same way, windows has now become so integral for general computer users, they cannot tolerate it to go bad in any way. People are becoming increasingly hostile to the situations where Windows will not work and they will not listen to any argument as to why it did not work.

So, UAC prompts seems to be a way out. One wish they could be less obstructive, but there is no way making these less obstructive than these are currently now. Only thing that can be done is to improve the message that comes in the dialogs box. We will have to live with it to be warned in the rare cases where our own foolishness may stump us.

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