Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Floods in Bihar

This year when Chief minister Nitish kumar raised his hand in helplessness, then only I realized the gravity of the situation. As pointed out by many, definitely government was late in responding for this catastrophe. But, once they did, They did good work in my movie. You can definitely find some flaws and hint of corruption here and there, but which process is really corruption-free. We have lot of people who do not think even once before cheating others in tough times. They get their correct treatment also in due time, but that's different story.

After understanding the gravity of the situation, I concentrated on one aspect, information dissemination. Lot many Biharis are outside Bihar, who wants to help, but whom to give. This is the information which is sorely lacking these days. If Biharis are confused, what can we think about Non-Biharis who do not know a bit about Bihar. This endeavor proved partially successful in making things more clearer.

Now, we need to think about the future. I or anyone cannot go back to people every year asking for help for flood victims. This time, people are generous, next year they will be skeptical and next to next, they will refuse. Flood is a reality which will repeat every year in one or other form.

Can we Biharis stand up to this and come up with a comprehensive plan where rehabilitation goes side-by-side with the long term flood control?

It is the biggest question facing the people who are serious about the future of Bihar. Flood is the worst thing that happens to Bihar every year. It leaves everything in shambles and government is left to do fire-fighting every year. Energy spent in that could have been used for constructive purposes.

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