Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip to Bhongir from Hyderabad

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Map image

This weekend, we five people from office decided to go to Bhongir fort as a day long trip. The itinerary went like this.

Started from home near Kothaguda Junction at 9 AM after having snacks of idly & corn flakes in Srirang's Chevrolet aveo.

Reached Bhongir via Panjagutta, Khairatabad flyover, Lumbini park, Basheer bagh, Barkatpura, Narayanguda flyover, Amberpet Road, Uppal Stadium, Uppal & Jodimetla. It is around 50 kms from Uppal stadium. The road is old style highway with 1.5 lanes both sides. Right now, it is little broken, but overall fine. It was not very sunny also, so we made to the fort by around 11 AM.

Excursion started after that after paying Rupees 3 entry charges per head.

First in the Josh, we went to wrong route on a steep rock which has a Ganesha statue erected on top of it. But, that was false route.


After getting down from there, we went to take the correct route via steps. These steps are quite wide in width and spread. By 12. we were at a midway place and stopped top have some snacks to have dinner. Whatte a snacks that, some readymade rotis, curd, pickles everything went away like that.


That was then followed by further trip up to the fort which was just unraveling itself slowly. We at least thought 3-4 times that this is the end but we ended up reach top @ around 1 only. Although its a real ruinous place now, the hike is really tiresome. I could manage this since I am regular to gym these days. Otherwise, it would have been really difficult. DSCN3750

View is really magnificent from the top for sure.



We sat there for around 1 hour in the shade and then took the route back. Although it was not very paining, but it was really irritating to come one steps a time on uneven surfaces. But we managed to come down in around 20-30 mins including open-air restroom breaks and then came to a restaurant in Bhongir town for quick snacks. The dosa that I got there or the coffee is far better than anything we get in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is seriously horrible place for quick snacks.

We started return journey at 3.30 PM to reach Uppal junction  in Hyderabad by 4.15 PM. Then the real travel started.

Sunday being the last day of Ganesha festival, Most of the Ganesha idols were coming for immersion in evening and so core part of city was literally closed. Most of the roads going from Uppal to Madhapur area were blocked by police to facilitate smooth flow of Idol immersion trucks. We went to kachiguda & koti, but to no anvil. Ultimately, two good guys on bike and a traffic policeman suggested us to take outer ring road route via Saidabad, Santosh nagar, Chandraynagutta & Arambagh junction to Mehdipatnam. This road was relatively free, but we ended up reaching Gachibowli junction @ around 7.15 PM, about 2 hours delay. Tags: ,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Floods in Bihar

This year when Chief minister Nitish kumar raised his hand in helplessness, then only I realized the gravity of the situation. As pointed out by many, definitely government was late in responding for this catastrophe. But, once they did, They did good work in my movie. You can definitely find some flaws and hint of corruption here and there, but which process is really corruption-free. We have lot of people who do not think even once before cheating others in tough times. They get their correct treatment also in due time, but that's different story.

After understanding the gravity of the situation, I concentrated on one aspect, information dissemination. Lot many Biharis are outside Bihar, who wants to help, but whom to give. This is the information which is sorely lacking these days. If Biharis are confused, what can we think about Non-Biharis who do not know a bit about Bihar. This endeavor proved partially successful in making things more clearer.

Now, we need to think about the future. I or anyone cannot go back to people every year asking for help for flood victims. This time, people are generous, next year they will be skeptical and next to next, they will refuse. Flood is a reality which will repeat every year in one or other form.

Can we Biharis stand up to this and come up with a comprehensive plan where rehabilitation goes side-by-side with the long term flood control?

It is the biggest question facing the people who are serious about the future of Bihar. Flood is the worst thing that happens to Bihar every year. It leaves everything in shambles and government is left to do fire-fighting every year. Energy spent in that could have been used for constructive purposes.

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