Monday, August 25, 2008

Other minor scams in Hyderabad city

Petrol pumps near posh localities like IT company offices, Banjara hills etc have stopped stocking normal petrol/diesel. Now they only stock additives added petrol and force people to shell extra money for these additives added XtraPremium, Super diesel etc. As per few motorists, these premium branded fuels do not do much improvement in the mileage, but since the office-goers do not have much choice, they are forced to pay extra for these. I am not sure if it is company promoted policies or dealer promoted one.

Auto drivers have adopted a novel method to increase fare on share autos. Earlier from Kondapur junction to WIPRO, they used to charge Rs 12 and take 5-6 persons on Auto. Then, for 2-3 days, they started taking only 4 persons on Auto and then started charging Rs 15. When people got used to paying Rs 15, now they are again taking 5-6 people on the Auto. A really novel way to increase fare.

All 20 liter drinking Water container sold for Rs 60 in Madhapur & Kondapur region are filled up with municipal water in the main city area for free using tap water and then sold after affixing Kinley and other prestigious brand names. Delivery schedule of these guys matches exactly with the municipal water supply times in main cities.

Just an year back, when we used to go to restaurants, Rs 200 was a good amount per head for a good meal. The same now costs not less Rs 300 per head. I do not think that prices have went so high, but all restaurants are steadily increasing prices by Rs 5/10 per month on each items. Even the regular eateries have increased prices by 40-50% in few cases. Tags: ,

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