Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally fixed an outlook issue in an Eureka moment

I configured My outlook exchange office email account on my home machine. This means my mails are getting downloaded  on both home PC as well as in Office machine outlook. In the home PC, besides Office email, I configured Gmail as well as Windows Live mail. Now,what started happening is that all my GMAIL messages started appearing in my home PC mailbox for office mails. But, strangely Windows live Hotmail messages were going to correct mailbox. This means that these GMAIL mails were also getting synchronized to my exchange mailbox and started appearing in my office mailbox also. This was so perplexing.

Suddenly, today I realised the issue as to why it is happening. Number of issues are involved here.

  • I have a rule in my office exchange to move all mails directly addressed to me to a folder.
  • When I configured Office exchange on home machine, all rules got imported there.
  • My office contact book had my GMAIL account saved under my name. But, Windows Live Hotmail address was not added there.

This means outlook rules started treating my GMAIL mails also to be directed to me and started sending it to the referred folder. The moment I removed my own entry from the contact book, GMAIL mails stopped coming to my office mailbox and consequently to exchange server. And I realized this whole jumble up in an Eureka moment :-)

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