Thursday, April 3, 2008

What one can do with the windows mobile 6.0 device

My device MOTO Q 8 GSM came with "documents to go" as office application suite. And other installed applications are Windows Media player, pocket IE, pocket outlook etc.

Now, I took GPRS connection on this which generally works at EDGE speed when in city. With this, I found multiple usage of this device to the extent that  it is inseparable from me.

Start with, I can put lot of 64 kbps songs in this which is good for lonely times or when in queue. It can work as my personal memopad as well as handy excel sheet creator.

Now, comes the gem. Windows Live can be configured to install on this as well as Yahoo go. Or even the Exchange server mailboxes. This means all my contacts in mobile can easily be sent on the server which can help at the time of mobile loss or handset problem. Plus these contact books are quite rich. Mail syncing is very smooth with my unlimited GPRS data plan which comes at Rs 99 for corporate connections. Windows live can also be configured to send mail to blog provider like and any content from mobile gets easily published including photos.

Then I installed Esmertec Jbed which allowed me to install opera mini as midlet and soon I can access any website from Windows Mobile.

Next is office 2007 which comes along with  One note 2007 which can help in syncing notes. Another notes sync option is AirSync which can sync exchange server hosted notes. Office 2007 also has seamless integration with Outlook allowing me to send any documents from mobile3 to anywhere.

Then comes camera which has seamless integration with outlook which can then be used to transfer photos and videos to any place.

Final use is of using the device as wireless router when on move. Connect this to laptop, use "Internet sharing" feature and your laptop gets the network. Although it is slow, but still works.

I simply love the capability of this device and still maintaining proper power state. More applications will follow later on.

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