Friday, April 25, 2008

Review of Tashan

What else do you want in movie?

Anil kapoor is convincing in gangster role. Despite his sometime unintelligent attempt to mix Hindi and English, he has delivered well.

Stunts & fight scenes are beyond expectations. Matrix, rajinikanth and all other stunt master will go to hall of fame after this stunt. These are simply superb. You can believe that anything is possible after these stunts.

Songs are shot at very picturesque locations. Cinematography is not fine, but that is overtaken by liberal dose of exposure.

There is liberal exposure by everyone, so that part is also taken care of.

Movie is wrapped up well in the end.

Akshay Kumar has really delivered on shooter role and bhaiyagiri. A little overboard in stunt is forgivable.

Saif Ali khan is the weakest character here. he is not able to play dude role convincingly in the beginning but then you forget underlying dudism in the second half. Then he is convincing.

Not many supporting characters who are trying to crack PJ's.

Despite people seeing otherwise, it has a decent storyline.

Kareena kapoor just fits in there.

Do you need any other reason. If you can see Rambo, Godzilla, superman, then this one can also be seen easily. Just do not expect any emotional things from this heavy starcast and you will enjoy this movie. And be patient till last 45 minutes start.

One must see it. I am giving it 4 out of 5. But, just make sure that do not go in some crap hall as bad sound quality may affect the enjoyment quotient.

I am betting that this will do better than an average movie and may become a decent hit also. Anyone ready for that? Tags: ,,,

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