Thursday, April 3, 2008

More about Suryalanka and Guntur

So we reached at 4.45 AM early morning in Guntur. Volvo bus went very fast, started at 11 PM from Hyderabad only. We stopped in the middle near nagarjuna sagar dam and some tea stall and then went ahead to Guntur. Our taxi was scheduled to come at 7 AM only, but we could not wait very much and went into Guntur bus stand. It is quite a big one and by 6 AM, we were on a RTC bus to Bapatla. This bus went from a very scenic route and we reached Bapatla within 2 hours with the nominal fair of Rs 21 each. From Bapatla, auto to Suryalanka took 30 mins and we were on beach by 10 AM. Weather was too good and we managed to get access to a very expansive beach which was quite free. Sea too is very calm there, so we could easily venture very deep into sea without fear. next 2 hours were really awesome with all of us playing beach volleyball 7 handball with a basketball bought from Foodworld :-)

It was cloudy and mild waves making the fun really great. By 12 PM, Holi revelers came along and we had most wonderful Holi on a beach with a most lively group of guys. I will always remember this Holi. Next day, early morning, we took stroll along the beach and the view these is so breathtaking and pure that it is impossible to describe in words.

I learned few more things about the place like

  • Guntur is the red chilly capital of Andhra pradesh.
  • Guntur is Rice bowl of Andhra.
  • Guntur has very thriving
    • Tobacco industry
    • Cotton farming
    • Handicrafts and handloom
    • Cashew nut production
  • Multiple beaches like Chirala, Suryalanka, Nizamapatnam etc.

In return we took an auto from Suryalanka to Bapatla and then 2 Indicas from there to Vijaywada. These dropped us at 1.00PM on Vijaywada station and by 1.30 train, Krishna express, we reached Hyderabad at 8.30 PM in reserved seating second class bogey.

To stay in Suryalanka, one can book poonami resort of APTDC or some hotels in bapatla. But, going there by own vehicle is best and it is great for weekend trip when weather is pleasant. Although I got heavy sunburn, but the experience was worth it. Hopefully, no one spoils it.

I have uploaded few photos at http://zhinkaas, under the folder Suryalanka. Tags: ,,,

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