Monday, April 28, 2008

Experience with Linksys router setup

I bought a basic Linksys wireless home router from Arun computers, CTC, Secunderabad in Rs. 1800. Reliance digital, a new setup, is selling the same for ~Rs. 2100. Setup was not very tough, although web setup is not straightforward, so one needs to go for CD based setup utility. This means we need to keep CD with us always to make this router useful in new environment. I went with WPA2 security. Lets hope it is strong enough. Best thing with Router setup over BSNL modem is its always ON feature which means I can turn off desktop and network will remain be present.

I started then using it as usual 24 * 7 downloading various stuff or just keeping it on like anything. Within 4 days, it developed some issue and router got disconnected. None of the debugging efforts from my side helped, so I was forced to call service centre @ 1-800-419-5797. Number listed in manual redirects to this number. But, fortunately this works from even mobile as toll free number. Some Indian guy with fake accent picked up call. I was skeptical till that time despite the claim of "Award winning customer service" on router box. But, that skepticism got changed to admiration after speaking with this guy for 10 minutes. Rarely have I ever spoke with such a polite customer care person. He figured out very soon that it is hardware failure and instructed me to go to Arun computers back with receipt to get it replaced free of cost. This is quick service in my view when one openly acknowledges failure quickly.

Within 2 days, I got it replaced after some initial hesitation on part of Arun computers and then setup again. It is working good till now.

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