Saturday, March 1, 2008

What one can get from OSHO's books

First of all, I am really amazed in the way people have forgotten his real name, Rajnish. Very few can recognize that name nowadays. Now after almost completing one of his books on Tao, Joking Apart, I came to few conclusions

  1. He knew good quality jokes, mostly adult standard though.
  2. He had an inner desire to have big faith of his own like Buddha or Christ.
  3. Inside, he hated rich people like anything.
  4. He had not experienced the life of Metros, so his points mostly stems from semi-urban mentality.
  5. He hasn't told anything that no one had told earlier. its just old wine in new bottle.

His arguments are quite persuasive though and a working class guy can read it to know the practicality of life. Being practical in life seems to be key of his message. So, one can easily find answers to few of the dilemmas faced in life and find that compromise may be a best solution. Tags: ,,

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