Saturday, February 16, 2008

Popularise Hindi Poetry

I listen to Naushad's recital of Madhushala and it is quite fulfilling. But, at the same time, it is difficult to find any recital of other great Indian Poets except for perhaps Kabir and Mira. is there none who is actually interested in popularising the old poets like Ramadhari Singh Dinakar, Maithili sharam Gupta, Jayashankar prasad and others of their genre. Kamyani, Rashmirathi What is required is a quick recital by someone, may not be some great like Naushad but a local artist. We can then easily put these on Internet on a website or in fact can even ask some web portals to host this for us. I have come across multiple ideas for the same.

  1. Work as freelancer - Get some local artist to recite these poems and distribute these in CDs. CD writing is a not a big deal these days and one can easily employ a guy for doing this work quickly on a dead cheap CDs.
  2. Get in touch with state governments - They can be asked to sponsor poets from their state and then one can utilize the services of good poets. State governments can then pay for web hosting and all can be put on the site of state governments for free. Fortunately, NIC ( is already providing hosting services for free for the state governments. What is required here is the willingness of someone.
  3. Get the help of AIR or Doordarshan - In earlier times, these organizations have done yeoman services in recording voices of many poets or getting these recorded from reputable artists. Why not these can be uploaded on the respective websites for people to listen.
  4. ITC runs a website for promoting Indian classical music. Why not they can run something for promoting regional poets?

After writing all this much, I just searched the web and found 2 websites which have come up in recent past.


My favourite section on the above page

कविता कोश का पता

हिन्दी काव्य के इस विशाल संकलन में आपका स्वागत है। यह एक खुली परियोजना है जिसके विकास में कोई भी भाग ले सकता है -आप भी! आपसे निवेदन है कि आप भी इस संकलन के परिवर्धन में सहायता करें। देखिये कविता कोश में योगदान कैसे करें। इस समय कविता कोश में ७,५३३ पन्ने बन चुके हैं।

I will probably go ahead and ask them to think about recital also. But, these are welcome moves as of now. Tags: ,,

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