Friday, January 25, 2008

Know new features of Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 Product Overview

Access Microsoft Learning site for windows 2008 and click on the Register for the free e-book. It requires one to setup a windows live id which is the easiest thing to do. I have done the same using my yahoo id and it works well. Then register yourself and it will give access to few chapters from the e-books about windows 2008 and PowerShell, a technology which took so long to appear in windows.

After that using the link, Manage My Learning, one can always check back the contents. I really found this a good way to know what's coming up now in the windows server market.

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FredAtMicrosoft said...

You can also learn a lot more about Server 2008 at the Heroes Happen Here launch events around the US. There'll be experts on hand to answer your questions about Server, and you can get a free promotional version of the software too.

Fred Reckling
Microsoft Grassroots Manager