Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Useless guards in the buildings


The guards deployed by most of the societies in Hyderabad do not understand a bit about security. Even the guards deployed by security agencies are plain dumb guys. Anyone can fool these guys. And it hurts when these guys are checking mechanically everywhere. With a little confidence, anyone can get past these guys carrying anything and the anti-social group will soon learn these. It is so irritating to see these guys doing their duty anywhere and everywhere we go. What the government's IB is doing? Or probably, their hands are tied down by our dumb politicians who just talk some gibberish about social harmony without thinking about security.

Many times, it feels like that we are living in fool's prison. Take my day. My office is 5 kms from Home. I take out my bike and enter into office by swiping 3 times. In between home and office, I may cross 2-3 police barricades covering half of the road. When I have to come out of the building, then again I have to swipe at least once, but pass at least 3-4 guard points. Since our residential building is small, so I do not have to cross the barrier here at least. If I am going to some mall or movie theater or for that matter even a small restaurant, there are good chances that I will be checked 2-3 times using metal detector and body-feel checking.

Where we are headed to now? Is this the society which can promote any healthy thinking? I am in doubt about that. With so much restrictions, we will soon return back to mediaeval ages and that thinking. Why do we need so many guards. Despite all these guards, blasts are still happening at will. Thefts are also happening.

What is the guarantee that these guards will not turn into thieves once their services are accepted as inevitable in the civilized society. Why any and every major building needs some guards. Where is the basic goodness of humans?

And finally, what is the future of these guards? There are doing mindless jobs for the sake of few thousand rupees at most. Near to my building, there is a software office. I notice 2-3 guards standing in front of the gate whole night. What these guys are actually learning from life? Are they doing any new thing. Old guys mostly get used to it and know that they have been thrown into a mechanical job where no mind need be applied. They are just like the mercenaries of the medieval era who would run away at the first opportunity. It is just a sense of false security which actually protects nothing. But, basic insecurity leads to the deployment of big guard contingent everywhere. Maybe, since human labor is cheap in India, we are turning humans into a mindless machine. We are just creating an incompetent lot of unemployable youth who are completely aimless in life. These guys have no skill since searching someone or asking for identification basically needs nothing more than basic communication skill. As for monitoring, these guys are not actually competent to do such jobs. Something bad will soon happen in relation to this recent phenomenon. I am just waiting for the time when people will realize uselessness of having so many guards everywhere. Till then, I will have to leave with the irritation. Tags: ,,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip to Bhongir from Hyderabad

Map image

Map image

This weekend, we five people from office decided to go to Bhongir fort as a day long trip. The itinerary went like this.

Started from home near Kothaguda Junction at 9 AM after having snacks of idly & corn flakes in Srirang's Chevrolet aveo.

Reached Bhongir via Panjagutta, Khairatabad flyover, Lumbini park, Basheer bagh, Barkatpura, Narayanguda flyover, Amberpet Road, Uppal Stadium, Uppal & Jodimetla. It is around 50 kms from Uppal stadium. The road is old style highway with 1.5 lanes both sides. Right now, it is little broken, but overall fine. It was not very sunny also, so we made to the fort by around 11 AM.

Excursion started after that after paying Rupees 3 entry charges per head.

First in the Josh, we went to wrong route on a steep rock which has a Ganesha statue erected on top of it. But, that was false route.


After getting down from there, we went to take the correct route via steps. These steps are quite wide in width and spread. By 12. we were at a midway place and stopped top have some snacks to have dinner. Whatte a snacks that, some readymade rotis, curd, pickles everything went away like that.


That was then followed by further trip up to the fort which was just unraveling itself slowly. We at least thought 3-4 times that this is the end but we ended up reach top @ around 1 only. Although its a real ruinous place now, the hike is really tiresome. I could manage this since I am regular to gym these days. Otherwise, it would have been really difficult. DSCN3750

View is really magnificent from the top for sure.



We sat there for around 1 hour in the shade and then took the route back. Although it was not very paining, but it was really irritating to come one steps a time on uneven surfaces. But we managed to come down in around 20-30 mins including open-air restroom breaks and then came to a restaurant in Bhongir town for quick snacks. The dosa that I got there or the coffee is far better than anything we get in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is seriously horrible place for quick snacks.

We started return journey at 3.30 PM to reach Uppal junction  in Hyderabad by 4.15 PM. Then the real travel started.

Sunday being the last day of Ganesha festival, Most of the Ganesha idols were coming for immersion in evening and so core part of city was literally closed. Most of the roads going from Uppal to Madhapur area were blocked by police to facilitate smooth flow of Idol immersion trucks. We went to kachiguda & koti, but to no anvil. Ultimately, two good guys on bike and a traffic policeman suggested us to take outer ring road route via Saidabad, Santosh nagar, Chandraynagutta & Arambagh junction to Mehdipatnam. This road was relatively free, but we ended up reaching Gachibowli junction @ around 7.15 PM, about 2 hours delay. Tags: ,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Floods in Bihar

This year when Chief minister Nitish kumar raised his hand in helplessness, then only I realized the gravity of the situation. As pointed out by many, definitely government was late in responding for this catastrophe. But, once they did, They did good work in my movie. You can definitely find some flaws and hint of corruption here and there, but which process is really corruption-free. We have lot of people who do not think even once before cheating others in tough times. They get their correct treatment also in due time, but that's different story.

After understanding the gravity of the situation, I concentrated on one aspect, information dissemination. Lot many Biharis are outside Bihar, who wants to help, but whom to give. This is the information which is sorely lacking these days. If Biharis are confused, what can we think about Non-Biharis who do not know a bit about Bihar. This endeavor proved partially successful in making things more clearer.

Now, we need to think about the future. I or anyone cannot go back to people every year asking for help for flood victims. This time, people are generous, next year they will be skeptical and next to next, they will refuse. Flood is a reality which will repeat every year in one or other form.

Can we Biharis stand up to this and come up with a comprehensive plan where rehabilitation goes side-by-side with the long term flood control?

It is the biggest question facing the people who are serious about the future of Bihar. Flood is the worst thing that happens to Bihar every year. It leaves everything in shambles and government is left to do fire-fighting every year. Energy spent in that could have been used for constructive purposes.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Other minor scams in Hyderabad city

Petrol pumps near posh localities like IT company offices, Banjara hills etc have stopped stocking normal petrol/diesel. Now they only stock additives added petrol and force people to shell extra money for these additives added XtraPremium, Super diesel etc. As per few motorists, these premium branded fuels do not do much improvement in the mileage, but since the office-goers do not have much choice, they are forced to pay extra for these. I am not sure if it is company promoted policies or dealer promoted one.

Auto drivers have adopted a novel method to increase fare on share autos. Earlier from Kondapur junction to WIPRO, they used to charge Rs 12 and take 5-6 persons on Auto. Then, for 2-3 days, they started taking only 4 persons on Auto and then started charging Rs 15. When people got used to paying Rs 15, now they are again taking 5-6 people on the Auto. A really novel way to increase fare.

All 20 liter drinking Water container sold for Rs 60 in Madhapur & Kondapur region are filled up with municipal water in the main city area for free using tap water and then sold after affixing Kinley and other prestigious brand names. Delivery schedule of these guys matches exactly with the municipal water supply times in main cities.

Just an year back, when we used to go to restaurants, Rs 200 was a good amount per head for a good meal. The same now costs not less Rs 300 per head. I do not think that prices have went so high, but all restaurants are steadily increasing prices by Rs 5/10 per month on each items. Even the regular eateries have increased prices by 40-50% in few cases. Tags: ,

Scams on Indian Railways

I was going by Nizamuddin express, #2721, from Hyderabad to New Delhi. This train has almost non-existent pantry service. Somewhere before Nagpur, at around 9 AM, one guy went around in the bogey with a paper slip in hand. He was asking everyone if they need lunch. When In enquired if he is from pantry, the answer was in affirmative and he told that lunch will be delivered in half an hour only. That guy was wearing dress like pantry staffs only, so we got easily convinced that he is from pantry staff. At Nagpur, he came up with some food packets in plain plastics packed in aluminum foil and took money from us immediately. When train started from station, I noticed this guy disembarking from train and then I understood how he cheated us claiming to be from pantry. Still, I was not very sure. Again in the evening, some other guy tried same tactics near Bina junction. This time, after taking dinner packet, I asked him to take money after 30 mins since he is pantry staff. He immediately took the packet away from me and left. This confirmed my suspicion that it is an organized scam running in collusion with pantry staff who were coming to passengers only with some snacks some times and never took lunch/dinner orders.

Recently, I came to know that the beggar boys who come on bogeys for cleaning and collecting some money are also part of some organized gang who pays money to railways staff for this freedom. Earlier, they would never come to AC bogey, but now they have started even there. Tags: ,,

HP India Computer dealer's blatant scam

Recently, I had to look into Windows vista related issues on two computers. One in Delhi and another in Hyderabad. In both the cases, dealers promised customers that their system will have X size of RAM and delivered Y size of RAM in the system where X > Y.

In Delhi, they told that system has 2 GB of RAM, while it has only 512 MB. Vista was running very slow. While customer was under impression that it is Vista issue that it is running slow even on 2 GB RAM, actually it is the false promise or probably cheating by dealer which led to the bad name for Microsoft. Dealer may have taken out the RAM from system.

Again, when I tried to install Vista on Hyderabad based computer, it stopped installation after saying that only 256 RAM is available. I had to open CPU case to convince the user that this system actually has only 256 MB RAM while he was under impression that it has 512 MB DDR2 RAM which as per dealer is equivalent to 1 GB of DDR1 RAM, another preposterous claim.

In both cases, users are actually reluctant to call HP support and call the bluff of dealer. Reason being that the dealers send their technicians mostly to reinstall pirated OS whenever there is any corruption on the system. For them, dealer is HP support and probably they are not even aware of the existence of call center.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally fixed an outlook issue in an Eureka moment

I configured My outlook exchange office email account on my home machine. This means my mails are getting downloaded  on both home PC as well as in Office machine outlook. In the home PC, besides Office email, I configured Gmail as well as Windows Live mail. Now,what started happening is that all my GMAIL messages started appearing in my home PC mailbox for office mails. But, strangely Windows live Hotmail messages were going to correct mailbox. This means that these GMAIL mails were also getting synchronized to my exchange mailbox and started appearing in my office mailbox also. This was so perplexing.

Suddenly, today I realised the issue as to why it is happening. Number of issues are involved here.

  • I have a rule in my office exchange to move all mails directly addressed to me to a folder.
  • When I configured Office exchange on home machine, all rules got imported there.
  • My office contact book had my GMAIL account saved under my name. But, Windows Live Hotmail address was not added there.

This means outlook rules started treating my GMAIL mails also to be directed to me and started sending it to the referred folder. The moment I removed my own entry from the contact book, GMAIL mails stopped coming to my office mailbox and consequently to exchange server. And I realized this whole jumble up in an Eureka moment :-)

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Future of cities dependent on remote sources of water?

Just considering India, at least 4 major cities are dependent on remote sources of water. Take for example, Hyderabad. It gets some water from Godavari, some from Krishna and similarly different rivers. With the ever-burgeoning city limits, demand for potable water is increasingly going up everyday. Everyday Politicians announce some new water scheme or some new extension to existing schemes. All these schemes does is brining more and more water from distances up to 100-200 km for the consumption of Hyderabad. And remember that per capita water consumption is higher in cities compared to Villages.

My concern is ho9w long this can continue, starving the remote villagers to fulfil the water tanks of city. When will that critical dissatisfaction level will come when villagers will just break/block the canals/water pipes bringing waters to cities. That day will soon come in my assessment. We cannot indefinitely tap into the resources rightfully belonging to someone else.   

As for 3 more cities, these are New Delhi (Satluj Yamuna link canal), Bangalore (Pumped from kaveri in  Mysore) and Chennai (Again dependent on Kaveri). Tags: ,,,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Experience with Linksys router setup

I bought a basic Linksys wireless home router from Arun computers, CTC, Secunderabad in Rs. 1800. Reliance digital, a new setup, is selling the same for ~Rs. 2100. Setup was not very tough, although web setup is not straightforward, so one needs to go for CD based setup utility. This means we need to keep CD with us always to make this router useful in new environment. I went with WPA2 security. Lets hope it is strong enough. Best thing with Router setup over BSNL modem is its always ON feature which means I can turn off desktop and network will remain be present.

I started then using it as usual 24 * 7 downloading various stuff or just keeping it on like anything. Within 4 days, it developed some issue and router got disconnected. None of the debugging efforts from my side helped, so I was forced to call service centre @ 1-800-419-5797. Number listed in manual redirects to this number. But, fortunately this works from even mobile as toll free number. Some Indian guy with fake accent picked up call. I was skeptical till that time despite the claim of "Award winning customer service" on router box. But, that skepticism got changed to admiration after speaking with this guy for 10 minutes. Rarely have I ever spoke with such a polite customer care person. He figured out very soon that it is hardware failure and instructed me to go to Arun computers back with receipt to get it replaced free of cost. This is quick service in my view when one openly acknowledges failure quickly.

Within 2 days, I got it replaced after some initial hesitation on part of Arun computers and then setup again. It is working good till now.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Review of Tashan

What else do you want in movie?

Anil kapoor is convincing in gangster role. Despite his sometime unintelligent attempt to mix Hindi and English, he has delivered well.

Stunts & fight scenes are beyond expectations. Matrix, rajinikanth and all other stunt master will go to hall of fame after this stunt. These are simply superb. You can believe that anything is possible after these stunts.

Songs are shot at very picturesque locations. Cinematography is not fine, but that is overtaken by liberal dose of exposure.

There is liberal exposure by everyone, so that part is also taken care of.

Movie is wrapped up well in the end.

Akshay Kumar has really delivered on shooter role and bhaiyagiri. A little overboard in stunt is forgivable.

Saif Ali khan is the weakest character here. he is not able to play dude role convincingly in the beginning but then you forget underlying dudism in the second half. Then he is convincing.

Not many supporting characters who are trying to crack PJ's.

Despite people seeing otherwise, it has a decent storyline.

Kareena kapoor just fits in there.

Do you need any other reason. If you can see Rambo, Godzilla, superman, then this one can also be seen easily. Just do not expect any emotional things from this heavy starcast and you will enjoy this movie. And be patient till last 45 minutes start.

One must see it. I am giving it 4 out of 5. But, just make sure that do not go in some crap hall as bad sound quality may affect the enjoyment quotient.

I am betting that this will do better than an average movie and may become a decent hit also. Anyone ready for that? Tags: ,,,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What to do before giving your Smartphone to Service centre


If it is mail enabled, one must do following which I did with my Moto Q 8 GSM

  • Sync your contact books with Exchange server or mail server.
  • Delete all mails one by one.
  • Unconfigure any mails which can be unconfigured. Or delete the account.
  • Take backup of the whole mobile on computer using activesync or any sync option.
  • Take out the memory card.
  • Take out the SIM.
  • Do Master reset on device and reboot it. master reset brings mobile back to factory setting stage where no user data is present.

Now, it can be safely given to Service centre guys.

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More about Suryalanka and Guntur

So we reached at 4.45 AM early morning in Guntur. Volvo bus went very fast, started at 11 PM from Hyderabad only. We stopped in the middle near nagarjuna sagar dam and some tea stall and then went ahead to Guntur. Our taxi was scheduled to come at 7 AM only, but we could not wait very much and went into Guntur bus stand. It is quite a big one and by 6 AM, we were on a RTC bus to Bapatla. This bus went from a very scenic route and we reached Bapatla within 2 hours with the nominal fair of Rs 21 each. From Bapatla, auto to Suryalanka took 30 mins and we were on beach by 10 AM. Weather was too good and we managed to get access to a very expansive beach which was quite free. Sea too is very calm there, so we could easily venture very deep into sea without fear. next 2 hours were really awesome with all of us playing beach volleyball 7 handball with a basketball bought from Foodworld :-)

It was cloudy and mild waves making the fun really great. By 12 PM, Holi revelers came along and we had most wonderful Holi on a beach with a most lively group of guys. I will always remember this Holi. Next day, early morning, we took stroll along the beach and the view these is so breathtaking and pure that it is impossible to describe in words.

I learned few more things about the place like

  • Guntur is the red chilly capital of Andhra pradesh.
  • Guntur is Rice bowl of Andhra.
  • Guntur has very thriving
    • Tobacco industry
    • Cotton farming
    • Handicrafts and handloom
    • Cashew nut production
  • Multiple beaches like Chirala, Suryalanka, Nizamapatnam etc.

In return we took an auto from Suryalanka to Bapatla and then 2 Indicas from there to Vijaywada. These dropped us at 1.00PM on Vijaywada station and by 1.30 train, Krishna express, we reached Hyderabad at 8.30 PM in reserved seating second class bogey.

To stay in Suryalanka, one can book poonami resort of APTDC or some hotels in bapatla. But, going there by own vehicle is best and it is great for weekend trip when weather is pleasant. Although I got heavy sunburn, but the experience was worth it. Hopefully, no one spoils it.

I have uploaded few photos at http://zhinkaas, under the folder Suryalanka. Tags: ,,,

What one can do with the windows mobile 6.0 device

My device MOTO Q 8 GSM came with "documents to go" as office application suite. And other installed applications are Windows Media player, pocket IE, pocket outlook etc.

Now, I took GPRS connection on this which generally works at EDGE speed when in city. With this, I found multiple usage of this device to the extent that  it is inseparable from me.

Start with, I can put lot of 64 kbps songs in this which is good for lonely times or when in queue. It can work as my personal memopad as well as handy excel sheet creator.

Now, comes the gem. Windows Live can be configured to install on this as well as Yahoo go. Or even the Exchange server mailboxes. This means all my contacts in mobile can easily be sent on the server which can help at the time of mobile loss or handset problem. Plus these contact books are quite rich. Mail syncing is very smooth with my unlimited GPRS data plan which comes at Rs 99 for corporate connections. Windows live can also be configured to send mail to blog provider like and any content from mobile gets easily published including photos.

Then I installed Esmertec Jbed which allowed me to install opera mini as midlet and soon I can access any website from Windows Mobile.

Next is office 2007 which comes along with  One note 2007 which can help in syncing notes. Another notes sync option is AirSync which can sync exchange server hosted notes. Office 2007 also has seamless integration with Outlook allowing me to send any documents from mobile3 to anywhere.

Then comes camera which has seamless integration with outlook which can then be used to transfer photos and videos to any place.

Final use is of using the device as wireless router when on move. Connect this to laptop, use "Internet sharing" feature and your laptop gets the network. Although it is slow, but still works.

I simply love the capability of this device and still maintaining proper power state. More applications will follow later on.

Crap web development team of

I have created a new mail id as <Atul ATTHE RATEOF Atulkumar DOT name>. I tried to enter the same in as my contact mail id and they straightly rejected it as invalid mail id. What a crap way of trying to do good thing. Some very crap guy must be handling the web development feature on this site. Tags: ,

Monday, March 17, 2008

My next outing is to Suryalanka

After a long time, my office colleague decided to go out and after much discussion, we have decided to go to Suryalanka beach in Guntur district of Andhra pradesh, India. This is about 360 km from Hyderabad and I hope to have a good time there. Although warning is there that I should not come out of water if tanning is not desired. Lets see what happens. Till now, only plans are there and only one way tickets are booked.

As I heard, it has an APTDC Poonami resort near the beach with 12 AC rooms and 1 dormitory and there are 2 hotels in nearby town Bapatla.

Windows Live Admin center, Email solution and web publishing

Windows Live Admin Center

So I own 2 domains, & since long, but never managed to publish much on these. Second one is till running, but first was not used since long. Finally I decided to do something this weekend and was searching through when I discovered windows live Admin centre. Earlier, my attempts with Google apps & blogger had failed, so I was apprehensive. But, finally took the plunge.

Problems started now. Very first, I will summarize that sucks in a big way. They are trying hard that people do not use other hosting providers than their own service. This mans everything in their web interface is very out of standards. You listen about CNAME, TXT and SRV records on your hosting provider and these records are not even visible on this site. If you want to add subdomains, there is no way to add more subdomains than one free available. I do not understand what is ABT record. When I am trying setup CNAME record for my blog, it won't allow me to provide a domain name like, but asks for IP address instead. Sane is true for MX record where IP address is unnecessarily asked. 

Anyway, I finally managed to figure out control centre of this registrar and added the MX record of Windows Live hotmail and created an email id "Actual AT AtulKumar DOT name". There is clear instruction on the live admin centre as to what needs to be done for that same. When Net4Domains asks for IP address, use to figure out IP address of the domain name given in the Admin centre "Domain settings" area. So, even this was done.

But, nowhere Windows Live admin centre says that POP3/SMTP support is not available with I spent enough time trying to setup account on the Windows Mobile 6.0 and Outlook 2007. Nowhere it worked as a way GMAIL works. It will always ask me for credential and then fail to connect. Finally I figured out that "Outlook connector" is one solution on desktop. And it worked like a charm. I am not sure how it works, but it uses MAPI instead of POP3/SMTP it seems.

On Windows Mobile, I had to Add this account as my Windows Live ID and then mail started working like charm. So, this ends the Mail story. Once everything is setup, it is very easy, but till that time, I had tough time over weekend.


More will follow about net4Domains incompetency and how to setup blog.


Office captcha



I have seen above captcha when trying to send first mail from my custom domain mail id with domain in outlook 2007. Captcha in the web pages is very great, but having one at desktop will take time to settle down. And if you read the dialog box, it just ensures that no mail is sent without this. Tags: ,

Saturday, March 1, 2008

What one can get from OSHO's books

First of all, I am really amazed in the way people have forgotten his real name, Rajnish. Very few can recognize that name nowadays. Now after almost completing one of his books on Tao, Joking Apart, I came to few conclusions

  1. He knew good quality jokes, mostly adult standard though.
  2. He had an inner desire to have big faith of his own like Buddha or Christ.
  3. Inside, he hated rich people like anything.
  4. He had not experienced the life of Metros, so his points mostly stems from semi-urban mentality.
  5. He hasn't told anything that no one had told earlier. its just old wine in new bottle.

His arguments are quite persuasive though and a working class guy can read it to know the practicality of life. Being practical in life seems to be key of his message. So, one can easily find answers to few of the dilemmas faced in life and find that compromise may be a best solution. Tags: ,,

Windows Vista UAC prompt is a necessary evil

It is like the confirmation prompts that banks requires you to approve before you can proceed with the the transaction. Even when we have logged in using our own account, they tries to save us from our own follies by asking for confirmation again.

In the same way, windows has now become so integral for general computer users, they cannot tolerate it to go bad in any way. People are becoming increasingly hostile to the situations where Windows will not work and they will not listen to any argument as to why it did not work.

So, UAC prompts seems to be a way out. One wish they could be less obstructive, but there is no way making these less obstructive than these are currently now. Only thing that can be done is to improve the message that comes in the dialogs box. We will have to live with it to be warned in the rare cases where our own foolishness may stump us.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Popularise Hindi Poetry

I listen to Naushad's recital of Madhushala and it is quite fulfilling. But, at the same time, it is difficult to find any recital of other great Indian Poets except for perhaps Kabir and Mira. is there none who is actually interested in popularising the old poets like Ramadhari Singh Dinakar, Maithili sharam Gupta, Jayashankar prasad and others of their genre. Kamyani, Rashmirathi What is required is a quick recital by someone, may not be some great like Naushad but a local artist. We can then easily put these on Internet on a website or in fact can even ask some web portals to host this for us. I have come across multiple ideas for the same.

  1. Work as freelancer - Get some local artist to recite these poems and distribute these in CDs. CD writing is a not a big deal these days and one can easily employ a guy for doing this work quickly on a dead cheap CDs.
  2. Get in touch with state governments - They can be asked to sponsor poets from their state and then one can utilize the services of good poets. State governments can then pay for web hosting and all can be put on the site of state governments for free. Fortunately, NIC ( is already providing hosting services for free for the state governments. What is required here is the willingness of someone.
  3. Get the help of AIR or Doordarshan - In earlier times, these organizations have done yeoman services in recording voices of many poets or getting these recorded from reputable artists. Why not these can be uploaded on the respective websites for people to listen.
  4. ITC runs a website for promoting Indian classical music. Why not they can run something for promoting regional poets?

After writing all this much, I just searched the web and found 2 websites which have come up in recent past.


My favourite section on the above page

कविता कोश का पता

हिन्दी काव्य के इस विशाल संकलन में आपका स्वागत है। यह एक खुली परियोजना है जिसके विकास में कोई भी भाग ले सकता है -आप भी! आपसे निवेदन है कि आप भी इस संकलन के परिवर्धन में सहायता करें। देखिये कविता कोश में योगदान कैसे करें। इस समय कविता कोश में ७,५३३ पन्ने बन चुके हैं।

I will probably go ahead and ask them to think about recital also. But, these are welcome moves as of now. Tags: ,,

Monday, February 11, 2008

HBO India is changing

Finally NBO has figured out that all Indians are not so good with English skills. And they have started showing English sub-titles in Movies. This is much better than having movies translated in Hindi and with artificially sounding Hindi dialogues.

And this is snub to all those sahebs who like to speak in accent always. Ultimately, market wins and that is what is happening here. Indianization is a must requirement for anyone.

See What was India at 1835



I am not sure how true this thing as I received it through mail as forward. However, if it is true, it is pretty scary thing. Tags: ,,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

4D FX in Imax, Hyderabad

So, yesterday I managed to go here with few colleagues. Ticket is hefty at Rs. 100. It was a small 15 minute movie meant for children. But, I did not see any children in the small theatre :-)

Anyway, point is that after initial euphoria, not many will come back here. This is not very high-paced one considering the safety of patron in mind. But, that itself will discourage people from coming back again.

And never try to sit in the first row as it does not have the same effect as last ones Tags: ,,,


Something from Dinkar, old poet from Begusarai region in Bihar

clip_image001 Tags: ,,

Friday, January 25, 2008

Know new features of Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 Product Overview

Access Microsoft Learning site for windows 2008 and click on the Register for the free e-book. It requires one to setup a windows live id which is the easiest thing to do. I have done the same using my yahoo id and it works well. Then register yourself and it will give access to few chapters from the e-books about windows 2008 and PowerShell, a technology which took so long to appear in windows.

After that using the link, Manage My Learning, one can always check back the contents. I really found this a good way to know what's coming up now in the windows server market.