Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where will I check news after 10 years - Mobile or Internet ?

What I am talking about

Accepted that Internet is a key driver in the development of mobile market these days, but I am talking about mind share. It may happen that Internet will remain a key player in the content play of Mobile ISPs, but the questions are

  1. Which medium will be preferred by businessmen and youth alike for knowing the latest state of the art in their area?
  2. People will look into their mobiles to know the news and stock quotes or open desktop & laptop for that?
  3. They will listen songs from the mobile radio stations or create their customized playlist on the Internet?
  4. Sharing of interesting multimedia content, mostly illegal, over Internet will be so easy as it is now? 

Current situation

Mobiles are a poor second or third cousin when it comes to content delivery. And I am not even hinting about the YouTube or P2P. Due to poor batteries or the bandwidth problems, mobiles are not able to satisfy the daily news requirements of a professional or a youth satisfactorily. At the same time, Internet capability is one big selling point for high end mobiles. 

So, on the face of it, it seems like mobiles will remain the same as another medium for Internet and latter will rule in the minds of people.  

Why do I have doubts about the last paragraph

Explosion of content on Internet.

To experience all these, you basically need to be near your laptop which needs a good power connection if you wants to enjoy for long time.

With mobiles, the medium is always with you, it is always on, it is easy to check even standing on in the queue or hanging from bus/Metro railing.

Technically advanced nature of Internet.

To have the best use of Internet, you need to create you own mashup and keep improving it always to remain relevant. This means one needs to be technically advanced. At the same time, today's PCs needs lots of tweaking up to get them work in the way exactly you want. Even for a basic setup like Mail and browsing needs a fairly technical brain. A lot of people use PCs for that purpose only.

Now imagine the situation where Mobiles will be able to seamlessly connect to web and shows mail in the same time lag or the same as the broadband. Or say in the acceptable time frame. As a parable, a human eye can not distinguish more than 16 images in a second, so Movies shows just a little more than 16 frames in a second and it works well. If you increase the speed, it goes bad. This is what I mean by acceptable speed in case of Mobile Email. Add to that an acceptable browsing speed. A rider is here that this should be ubiquitous also, even in outskirts or any inhabitant area where Internet has reached. So, if I can access news and mail on Mobile even with a slightly bigger form factor than the current one, why will I turn to my PC for that? Some will say that to check for attachments, but that can be resolved by ISPs by converting these in acceptable form if user demands it.  

Misleading Content on Internet.

You need to be really good guy to figure out which news is correct. There are contents given by authentic companies also, but you get tempted by other things also and ultimately end up wasting time. 

But, in case of Mobiles, mostly content will be filtered by the ISPs and it will be only targeted content. Due to inherent restrictions of these devices, user will not browse too many sites and ultimately will get hooked to few of them. And with the time, ISP will also become responsible and provide the good and correct content.

Is it possible to correct these issues with Internet

Unfortunately, it seems it is difficult to correct these issues. The very democratic nature of Internet is biggest trouble in that. What is going to happen in future

  1. People will start feeling that they are wasting more time on Internet than learning.
  2. They will realize that too much content is not very useful.
  3. They will realize that it is painful to setup OS, get another Internet connection and then setup that for browsing when Mobile connection is seamlessly giving all that.

So what would be the future

I do not know, but tried to list our few troubling thing with Internet usage. Currently it is a fad among people and it is fashionable among people to flaunt their computing skills. But soon they will realize that it is yet another  medium for data delivery and they will go for simplest solution that will connect them to Internet. And once they start using Mobiles for that, they will stop saying that "I checked it on Internet". The phrase will be "I checked it on my Mobile" and mind share will be won in the mater of news medium.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Transformation of MTV in India

Earlier this channel was DJ heavy. They will come up after every 10 mins and end up giving some faalatu sound bites to show off their cool attitudes. However, in the Internet age, people started getting fed up of these old baasi jokes and histrionics.

And then MTV decided to convert itself into a "video radio". Most of the time they are just playing same new songs without any break by DJs. These are broken by Advertisements only. And rest of the time is taken by some interactive programming like this or that survey :-)

But this also means a genre of creative presenters who flourished on MTV will not come back again. perhaps no one has patience to listen to DJs now. Tags: , , ,

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Best view of Hussain Sagar is from Birla temple

This weekend, I managed to go to Birla temple after almost being 1.5 years in Hyderabad. This was really eye-opening thing tour in the sense that this place is a true technical island in the midst of medieval structures around it.

They have now added a modern art gallery, short of any air-conditioning though, in this campus also. Also, half of the paintings are really a wastage of the valuable real estate. But, one terracota work, done to show all forms of major Vedic mythological figures is really great work. One should go to this gallery only for this structure only.

The dinosaur museum has one dinosaur skeleton found somewhere in Yemenpalli in Adilabad district. Half of the exhibits in the science museum do not work so great. But, a collection of old computers relegated to an odd corner without lighting is worth seeing. And to top it all, they have a  permanent pearl exhibition also in that museum. Unfortunately, camera is not allowed inside the museum. Planetarium is not so well ventilated, so you end up sleeping after 10 min's and then it is really difficult to listen to presenter.

Entry ticket in Museum + Planetarium (Rs. 35)

Entry ticket in art gallery (Rs. 10)

Temple is at the little high with no facility for hand wash near the shoe stand. They have put up a rope in the path of basins faraway. Bracing all these, we managed to reach the lower steps of temple only to be returned for leaving our camera and cell phone away. I do understand the security, but unfortunately best view of Hussain Sagar is from the top of the temple steps only :-( Add to that, carpet less marble steps. In summers, it would be really difficult to go through these barefoot. One things is marvelous though. Birlas have spent a good sum on this temple. Marbles itself would have cost a grand amount and there are only few cracks in few places.  This complex is really huge. Perhaps, they can allow people to take up cameras up to certain levels in the steps to click a pose or two. or have an official photographer who will give Polaroid photos in the background of the lake. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some cool videos

How to say news and what is the perception of people about news.

A cool Live search advertisement that is far better than Hutch ad being shown in India.

World's fastest production car is surely a big polluter but thanks to its price many will not buy it. And even fewer will be able to bring it to even the half of top speed.

Supposed to be a comic thing about outsourcing, this is farce at its worst. Humor should not demean anyone and this video is clearly trying to do the same. 

Spiritualists are positive thinkers ??????

All the non-believers and non-spiritualists are blamed by religious believers to be following the negative philosophy. It is said that who are not going to church / mosque / temple everyday are looking at the negative sides of life and not following the correct path.

My assertion is that Non-believers were like this always. We always liked not to follow any set path but just do the living. What happened next is that people could not face life's increasing difficulties in increasingly complex world. They then went ahead and created some imaginary figure where they can turn to when no answers are available to them.

Ultimately few others came along and they decided to show people how to find their correct path at some point in time. so, 2000 years back, Jesus shown the way. That way solved the problem of those times. Now the people who were looking to imaginary gods suddenly had a living icon and they converted that icon to god.

His path may have been partially true even now, but it needs to be modified by equally brilliant person as per the current demands. This is where non-believers choose to disagree. They want old path to be corrected to reflect current realities while believers still follows 2000 old sayings.  And because non-believers have chosen to question this old 2000 year old theory, they are branded as negativist.

With the same yardstick then, even believers can be termed as the negativist. They are not ready to change and so trying to stop the flow of thoughts. Tags: , ,

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

My recent Pune trip

This time, I got to know the city much more than earlier. This is now to the extent that it will be difficult for any auto rickshaw driver to take me for granted any more. I can still remember the time when someone had charged me Rs. 140 for around 6-7 Kms :-(

Few interesting things that I learned are

  1. Never try to criticize Shivaji at any cost in this city. It is not that I invited some trouble, but just learned it.
  2. Pune is fast giving competition to Bangalore in all aspects. Be it traffic, IT parks, rents or real estate prices, it is almost emulating Bangalore in every way. Add to that the generally cool environment here, it is really getting bangalored quickly.
  3. IT parks in Pune will soon overcome Bangalore in a big way. I just had a look at the new Infosys facility which is still developing in MIDC Phase 2 and the scale of operations are really mammoth. 40 buildings that can house ~25000 people in one campus can probably be done by Infosys only. WIPRO also has good center there and I probably liked first WIPRO building in MIDC Phase 2.


  1. Restaurants in this city are still catering to predominantly student population only. Only few have upgraded their standards according to new age professionals coming into the city.
  2. Army bases need to move out of the city now to make way for better city infrastructure.
  3. More buses needs to ply on the road although it is progressing in correct directions.
  4. Motorists needs to be more willing to respect traffic signals.


Basically, if it grows correctly, very soon it can be worthy competitor to Mumbai and very well help decongest Mumbai. And if Bangalore does not catch up fast, Pune can become IT capital of India. Hyderabad is nowhere in race for sure. Tags: , , ,

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