Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do I really do what I want?

Staying alone has advantage that you think a lot and some times comes to the conclusion which are disturbing. I am battling with one such thought since long.

Do we really do what we want to do?

If this is the case, the successful one will never crib about anything ever. But, I haven't seen anyone till now who does not crib about one or other things. If they do not crib about life as we lesser mortals do, they want to change the face of nations / companies / societies. They want to change laws for the seemingly good cause.

However, deep down in their psyche, they are also unhappy !!! Otherwise, they will never talk of change and just live. When they ask for change in societies for greater goods, it is basically their lust of power. People realize that world running by the laws created by other people will follow other's dictum and take others as leaders. To counteract this, we want to impose our own rules & structures, so that we are perceived as leaders.

I have derived something from this hypothesis. Deep down in their heart, everyone wants an Asshole at their disposal who will do their bidding and ask nothing in return. They want to provide only enough to this ass so that it stays alive.

This ass becomes their vent for the lost power they could not achieve in the world. Once you deny them this, they become mad. Or those who realize somehow that they have been converted into an Asshole / ass becomes mad. 

So, we have 2 types of mad people. You can count chromic drunkards also in this mad category. And add mentally unstable ones somehow surviving in society but always on borderline.

  1. First group is those who has no Ass / Asshole at their disposal. Their constant rant during the bout of madness is that no one listens to them and they shout at their highest pitch.  
  2. Second group comprise of previous victims who somehow realized it. It is very difficult to bring them in mainstream. Problem is that deep down in their heart, they have realized that world is full of selfish people who wants to live in the ultimate luxury, but do nothing. And one or few of these selfish brats has overdone himself / herself. This deep distrust to society is hard to erase from one's psyche. This gets complicated by the fact that the victim loses faith in their abilities also.
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Taj has outlived its usefulness for India

As per a theory, Taj was built after destroying some old temple or palace. And these guys have pretty much strong argument. If this is the case, Taj is a symbol of atrocity and not the love.
If above is not the case, then as per folklore, it was built by best builders and craftsman whose hands were chopped off after the construction. Still then it is a symbol of atrocity and not of love. A true lover can never do that, only a bad tempered king can do it. A true lover always wants to spread his love.
I went to Agra some time back and seen all 5 major monuments there excluding sikri. And Sikandara looked more serene and useful to me compared to Taj Mahal. Sikandara looks like it was done by a person who liked the practicality above luxury. Taj signifies opulence without any soul in it.
Then do we really need this soulless thing to be our national symbol. With god's grace, India now has enough to feed its citizen and we need not preserve symbols from the dying philosophy & manner of living. What we need is the modern structures and not these atrocious things. More tourists will come if we give & show them something of present era. Past can only attract a few. We should be shameful of this symbol rather than feeling proud. It has no space in the democratic values of today. It is an ugly reminder that once people were so unequal that someone like shah-e-jehan could get away with such heinous crimes against humanity.
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Changing Hyderabad

I took an auto from Hyderabad central today. When starting up, auto drivers was looking backward many times. On enquiring, I understood that some lady has come to central in really skimpy bikini type dress and that's what he was staring into.

And then the guy started venting his amusement at the way Mumbai culture is changing Hyderabad. In reality, it is an import from North India, they feel like it came from Mumbai. After correcting him, His one innocuous question was that whether everyone in north wears only Jeans and Tees.

It seems Software engineers are brining many more things to Hyderabad. What the constant influx of Telugu people from remote areas of Andhra could not do, would be completed by Northern software engineers. Traffic in the city has went up manifold, property prices are skyrocketing, ~30 new malls are coming up.

I wonder whether Hyderabad will be able to provide for so many or not. Water table has already gone too low this year, so the city is dependent upon imported Krishna and Godavari water. But with so fast development, these will also prove to be inadequate very soon. 

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Today's team outing in Celebrity club

FY is about to end and thus there is rush to do things before budget expires. So we went on a team outing. Due to rains in Hyderabad, departure got delayed, so we reached by 12 PM only. But this did not dampen our spirits and we immediately went for a game of football which got interrupted only by some heavy drizzling.

Then we headed for bar to round off the time with some beer. This was followed by Lunch and some time near swimming pool.

And finally we went for 5 sets of volleyball. Considering that most of us usually do not do any exercises, completing 5 sets seemed so pleasing after earlier escapades. But, once back at home, I slept like anything for 3.5 hours.

The celebrity club looked ok only. Their design is old Hyderabad pattern done by some pre-liberalization guy. Also, swimming pool had no facility to take out excess  water resulting in water coming out of it on the grass. Chairs also were done of real heavy metal. It was very difficult to move them around. So if anyone wanted to go away from water coming out of pool, it was difficult.

But, this place has good facility for sports and horse-riding which few may likes. One big problem with their volleyball arena is that it is not closed from top. This meant one had to run out many times when ball went out of side nets. They should either remove side nets or increase their height. 

Due to this hectic schedule, I could not even use my camera properly.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Slow changes in L&T Infotech

Here is some good example of how not to do your web page. A client get first experience by the web site and these guys have decided to confuse him/her with all these flashy images. And since when L&T Infotech got 6 decades of experience? They need to tell correct things. No one in IT has 6 decades experience except IBM.
And how do they think anyone is going to make sense of "create-an-atmosphere-in-which-the-Professionals-can-perform-at the-peak-of-their-capabilities". This is horrible thinking at the part of some horrible HR.
Add to that feedback link. It asks you so many information, people will move away easily.
Only saving grace is their changed logo. Ultimately, they decided to shed the antiquated one, but still this new one needs some work.
In short, this company has long way to go before shedding off its brick-and-mortar background.
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Bob Woolmer's death in Jamaica

Pakistan coach Woolmer wasn't murdered You can follow this saga on this link. My view is that, despite all the huffing-puffing and role playing by various interested players, result is ultimately as expected. Under pressure from UK & USA, Jamaican police has decided not to pursue the case for log. From the beginning, strategy was clear cut. They knew who committed this crime all along. However, revealing the identity would have embarrassed someone for sure. It may have been Pakistan, India or some bookie syndicate. This would have snowballed to a major controversy. Therefore, they played the classic game of shifting focus from one guy to another, one angle to another and ultimately declared it as no crime.

But, all this Geo-Politics is surely going to affect cricket in big way. Once the people involved in this got away scot free, others will be encouraged to do the same. Only the game of cricket will be harmed.


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Christianity is inspired by Buddhism

Buddha was born around 600 years earlier than Christ and almost 700-800 years before Church came into existence. By that time, Buddhist sages have matured the institution of Vihar where one Acharya will preside over the place and people will come over for regular prayers. It was a strong institution and a series of such Vihar were built across the world. Unlike Vedic gurukul, these were mostly placed near the population to take advantage of the resources available. Monks were supposed to stay celibate for whole life. These Vihars used to actively participate in the politics also. Purpose of all these Vihars was to spread Buddhism in a big way with political support. They used to manipulate governments to further their interests. 

Try to find these characteristics in a modern day institution and Christianity with its churches comes first in the list.

Towards the end of its time in India, Vihars were the center of meta physical studies with associated Tantra-mantra and practicing of black magic. Power of a monk was known by his power to cure people and stories abounded of Buddha's magic healing power.

Same way, church has always practiced the art of lack magic. It encourages people to make movies, write stories based on the devil and its demonic actions. And all of these stories unerringly shows church as only salvation place. It works by creating fear in people's mind, so that more and more of them comes to church.

All are just reminiscent of the strategies adopted by Buddhist institutions.

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Starting up here

After trying my hands with unpopularity of Windows live space with, I have decided to try my hands here. And this will be supported by Microsoft own "Windows Live writer", which will allow me to post the same thing in both places without opening both separately.

Let' see what response I am able to get for my largely irrelevant rants here.

To add some tech here, have you recently tried these new MS tools
WMI tools
WIndows Powershell