Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Use Windows media player to convert bitrate of music files in bulk

You need an USB pen drive for the same. I used the same. This method works with WMP 11 only. I have not checked with previous versions.

  1. Attach the USB pen drive.
  2. Go to Sync tab in WMP 11.
  3. Click on the inverted triangle shown below Sync title and it shows the name of your device in Menu.
  4. Clicking on device name shows "Advanced options" in submenu.
  5. Select "Advanced Option" and go to the Quality tab.
  6. You can now choose the quality of syncing and the required bit rate. Only trouble is that the conversion done by WMP is in WMA format. This is though supported by most of the device based players and definitely in windows mobile device.
  7. Now you can copy the converted files from the USB drive to anywhere including the storage card in MOTO Q-GSM.

This solved my another problem with MOTO Q-GSM.

How to bulk sync Music to the storage drive in MOTO Q-GSM

This is Windows Mobile 6 device with 41 MB of free main Flash memory and 1 GB of storage card. I have setup the Music library in my MOTO Q-GSM to storage card. Still when I try to sync using WMP 11, it does not try to sync to the storage card, but to the main memory. This means if I have more than 41 MB to sync, I cannot do all together. So, I synced to USB drive which WMP did very eagerly and then to the Storage card of MOTO Q-GSM.

Some quirky things

  1. Why WMP does not sync Video files to the USB pen drive?
  2. Why it cannot give the option of changing bit rate outright in the Media player. When we convert and sync to an USB drive together, it takes good amount of time.
  3. When WMP will allow sync from MP3 format to MP3 format?
  4. When will WMP start recognizing Storage card in the Windows Mobile device?

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