Monday, November 12, 2007

My new Mobile MOTO Q-GSM

Comparison of few windows mobile devices or Select yourself from here.

I bought this in Hyderabad, India for Rs. 16700. If I had paid cash, the amount would have been Rs. 16500. For this amount, I got following things

  1. Windows Mobile 6 Standard powered Smartphone. Standard is different than Professional available in HTC touch which supports Office Mobile & Outlook Mobile. It is black coloured as compared to Silver one shown on web site. I would have gone for that if available in the shop.
  2. Reasonably sized screen with good width.
  3. An extra fat battery with a cover that will fit in this battery. This can be used when out for longer hours.
  4. A portable charger which allows charging of phone up to 10 times. So you charge this portable charger and take it with you wherever you go.
  5. Good music player with 2 speakers in the backside so that whole drawing room can listen the song when on full volume.
  6. QWERTY keyboard which allows good typing. It takes a while to get used to this after the normal cell phone, but it is worth it. Auto-completion is also good, but I had difficulty figuring out how to insert special characters and uppercase.
  7. Unlocked phone. Although I heard from people that unlocking the competing HTC Touch is not a big deal.
  8. Camera: 1.3 MP 6.0x digital zoom.
  9. Miscellaneous:
    • 1 GB MiniSD card. It can support up to 2 GB only.
    • 64 MB internal memory where 23 Mb is used by OEM software and 41 MB is available for use.
    • A pouch for holding phone in belt.
    • An USB charger cum data cable.
    • Support for ActiveSync 4.5.

What I did not get is

  1. Touch screen which is available in HTC touch, Rs. 17000 to 19500 and Palm Treo, Airtel price Rs. 26990 but street price may differ. Both these phones are locked with Airtel network. Legally you can get these unlocked by paying Rs. 2500 to Airtel, but in the gray market, it can be done in Rs. 250 to 500.
  2. SIM manger utility available with HTC Touch which allows the bulk transfer of data from SIM to Phone and back in simple steps. Motorola wants to make more money, so they removed this, so that people will buy their $38 "MOTO phone tools" to do these operations.
  3. A 2 MP camera which is available with HTC Touch.
  4. Wi-Fi: It is not having 802 network connectivity option, neither Infrared.
  5. MS office Mobile. Motorola has replaced MS office with Some application named as "Document To Go". I have not yet used it to see how much it can replace Office Mobile.

Basically, when buying the phone, I did not realise that 4 & 5 should be considered, but you can never be smarter than sales professionals. They always manages to fool you in this or that aspect.

I have chosen this after comparing with following

  • Sony Ericsoon P1i @ Rs. 20400. I did not go for this as this does not have WM. And camera at 3.2 MP is just luxury. Touch screen is not necessity with me.
  • Sony Ericsson W580i @ Rs. 11800. Looks odd, isn't it? But Music was one of my option and that's why I rejected HTC Touch.
  • Nokia N95 and similar choices. Did not check much for this as Nokia is not so great in Smartphone market.

How I fixed my first problem with this device

Problem statement:

I wanted to transfer all my SIM contacts (around 170) at once from SIM to MOTO Q phone main memory. Unfortunately, SIM manager tool is not available which is available in windows mobile professional in touch. I found few on net, but am wary of downloading them. Why I needed to do this is to transfer rest of my 70 contacts saved in my old Sony Ericsson T105 phone which does not support any new age communication options like Bluetooth etc. But, it allows you to transfer all contacts from Phone main memory to SIM. The catch is that in that case, it will overwrite all 70 entries from the beginning Nth position in SIM list. So I needed to first transfer all my contacts from SIM to MOTO Q and then get the T105 contacts on SIM for re-transfer to MOTO Q. Since MOTO Q does not have bulk transfer app from SIM, copying all one by one was tedious choice.


I figured out a good way despite Motorola's best attempts to make me buy their "MOTO Phone Tools" in $38 :-) I found a friend who had a mobile with Bluetooth and an unused SIM card.

  1. Insert that unused SIM into my old T105. Use the "Copy all to SIM" option which erases all SIM contact when transferring bulk data from phone to SIM.
  2. Transfer all 70 contacts to SIM.
  3. Insert unused SIM back in Bluetooth enabled phone.
  4. Use Bluetooth PIM synchronization with MOTO Q which then transfers all contacts from SIM to Phone.

Contact me if you face any problem here.

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