Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never try to change the existing belief system

In last 2-3 years, I got the answers to an old unsolved doubt plaguing me for log time. I used to wonder a lot why humans do not mind to create rubbish things and stay away from show-offs.

It seems we inherently loves the chaos and creating garbage. When we are stopped from doing that, we transfer garbage creation duty to others. And the biggest hero in human histories are those who has managed to create maximum amount of damage to environment. We just can't get enough of them at all. 

The guy who understand only this part tries to oppose the system. But most of the time, they end up in smithereens or are promoted to demo-god status. These demo-gods are then not supposed to do any real work like Indian president. They are just ceremonial head who are their to please the devotees. The mistake committed by guys who only understood the garbage creation part is that they start challenging exiting processes and organizations. Herein lies the big trouble.

One must never try to question the existing practices deep-rooted in the system. For better or worst, they are ingrained in the psyche of guys involved who have developed a certain comfort level around that. It is in the interest of old guys from the system to let the system run as it is. If anyone tries to look too deep inside, most of them develops some uneasiness and then combine together to hit the guy digging too much. This coming together is not by design but like the reflex action of our body which all comes together, stiffen our body when some attack comes. They do not differentiate between friendly and unfriendly external bodies unless reminded quickly by the brain. It is like when retreating armies used to go inside fortified places earlier to add extra level of defense to keep outsiders out of the place. The citizens of the fortified cities were bullied into submission and forced to oppose the attacker even when attackers could do better for the citizens.

The best way in these scenarios for a guy who wants to change things is to start a new place and let the old one rot itself to stinking level. If the inmates do not have courage to question the existing system, it makes no sense to awaken them. They have permanently sold their soul and will never awaken. A lost soul can never be recreated at any cost, so any effort to do that is of no use.

Taking in new situations, the parable in the organizations is to think of new roles or new buildup. When the new buildup will come up, the old thing itself will dwarf out in front of this. It may be more environment friendly or cost efficient to change the old system, but unfortunately no one likes that.

I have finally understood this bitter truth and hope there are not too much effort involved on my friend's part. This is a big shocking when one first realizes it, but ultimately there is no running away from this if we have to live in the world for our allotted amount of time. No one cares enough for the world and people around them, so an alone person thinking about that can never achieve success.

Those who will like to repeat the cliche that "Impossible is nothing" or other such oft-repeated phrases can only be sympathized at.  Their ignorance will surely go away one day and that will be best day of their life. The quickly one understands this ugly aspect of human life, it is better for them. 


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