Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lessons from current Hyderabad Blast

The impunity with which these blasts [Lumbini park near Hussain sagar Lake & Gokul chat in Koti, Old city] have happened within a very short time, it leaves much to be desired. Within 3 months of blast in Mecca masjid, Police failed to pro vide good security in the public place like Lumbini park. Not much could have been done for Gokul chat, but Lumbini park one was avoidable.

It seems to be the failure of intelligence although State minister for Home portfolio claims that in the country of 1 Arab, anyone can blast anything at any time. What a worthless statement from the guy handling Home portfolio in central government. Have he never heard of Intelligence apparatus? These congress politicians are busy with their vote politics only.

These blasts will ensure one thing. Many bright people will think many times before shifting to this place. At the same time, market will react in very bad way. I do not see that Y S R Reddy has any intention to improve policing and intelligence in the state. He, himself with shoddy background, is busy more with his political maneuvers than to think about these. Some time back, there was call about bombs in court and an MNC. I myself am now thinking about shifting to better city.

Add to the incompetence of these politicians, we have a peculiar situation in this place. people from a particular community does not allow police to go into their areas. The reason being that they are involved in many gray activities. These activities are not necessarily terror activities, but are of general petty nature like piracy, duplicates etc etc. They do not want police to enter their area as their illegal activities will be exposed to the public and Police will extort money.  This means the terrorist also get free hand when staying in those areas. Normal people are not able to recognize them and these guys can come out any time to commit these things. Tags: , , ,

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