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Where will I check news after 10 years - Mobile or Internet ?

What I am talking about

Accepted that Internet is a key driver in the development of mobile market these days, but I am talking about mind share. It may happen that Internet will remain a key player in the content play of Mobile ISPs, but the questions are

  1. Which medium will be preferred by businessmen and youth alike for knowing the latest state of the art in their area?
  2. People will look into their mobiles to know the news and stock quotes or open desktop & laptop for that?
  3. They will listen songs from the mobile radio stations or create their customized playlist on the Internet?
  4. Sharing of interesting multimedia content, mostly illegal, over Internet will be so easy as it is now? 

Current situation

Mobiles are a poor second or third cousin when it comes to content delivery. And I am not even hinting about the YouTube or P2P. Due to poor batteries or the bandwidth problems, mobiles are not able to satisfy the daily news requirements of a professional or a youth satisfactorily. At the same time, Internet capability is one big selling point for high end mobiles. 

So, on the face of it, it seems like mobiles will remain the same as another medium for Internet and latter will rule in the minds of people.  

Why do I have doubts about the last paragraph

Explosion of content on Internet.

To experience all these, you basically need to be near your laptop which needs a good power connection if you wants to enjoy for long time.

With mobiles, the medium is always with you, it is always on, it is easy to check even standing on in the queue or hanging from bus/Metro railing.

Technically advanced nature of Internet.

To have the best use of Internet, you need to create you own mashup and keep improving it always to remain relevant. This means one needs to be technically advanced. At the same time, today's PCs needs lots of tweaking up to get them work in the way exactly you want. Even for a basic setup like Mail and browsing needs a fairly technical brain. A lot of people use PCs for that purpose only.

Now imagine the situation where Mobiles will be able to seamlessly connect to web and shows mail in the same time lag or the same as the broadband. Or say in the acceptable time frame. As a parable, a human eye can not distinguish more than 16 images in a second, so Movies shows just a little more than 16 frames in a second and it works well. If you increase the speed, it goes bad. This is what I mean by acceptable speed in case of Mobile Email. Add to that an acceptable browsing speed. A rider is here that this should be ubiquitous also, even in outskirts or any inhabitant area where Internet has reached. So, if I can access news and mail on Mobile even with a slightly bigger form factor than the current one, why will I turn to my PC for that? Some will say that to check for attachments, but that can be resolved by ISPs by converting these in acceptable form if user demands it.  

Misleading Content on Internet.

You need to be really good guy to figure out which news is correct. There are contents given by authentic companies also, but you get tempted by other things also and ultimately end up wasting time. 

But, in case of Mobiles, mostly content will be filtered by the ISPs and it will be only targeted content. Due to inherent restrictions of these devices, user will not browse too many sites and ultimately will get hooked to few of them. And with the time, ISP will also become responsible and provide the good and correct content.

Is it possible to correct these issues with Internet

Unfortunately, it seems it is difficult to correct these issues. The very democratic nature of Internet is biggest trouble in that. What is going to happen in future

  1. People will start feeling that they are wasting more time on Internet than learning.
  2. They will realize that too much content is not very useful.
  3. They will realize that it is painful to setup OS, get another Internet connection and then setup that for browsing when Mobile connection is seamlessly giving all that.

So what would be the future

I do not know, but tried to list our few troubling thing with Internet usage. Currently it is a fad among people and it is fashionable among people to flaunt their computing skills. But soon they will realize that it is yet another  medium for data delivery and they will go for simplest solution that will connect them to Internet. And once they start using Mobiles for that, they will stop saying that "I checked it on Internet". The phrase will be "I checked it on my Mobile" and mind share will be won in the mater of news medium.

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