Thursday, July 26, 2007

Best view of Hussain Sagar is from Birla temple

This weekend, I managed to go to Birla temple after almost being 1.5 years in Hyderabad. This was really eye-opening thing tour in the sense that this place is a true technical island in the midst of medieval structures around it.

They have now added a modern art gallery, short of any air-conditioning though, in this campus also. Also, half of the paintings are really a wastage of the valuable real estate. But, one terracota work, done to show all forms of major Vedic mythological figures is really great work. One should go to this gallery only for this structure only.

The dinosaur museum has one dinosaur skeleton found somewhere in Yemenpalli in Adilabad district. Half of the exhibits in the science museum do not work so great. But, a collection of old computers relegated to an odd corner without lighting is worth seeing. And to top it all, they have a  permanent pearl exhibition also in that museum. Unfortunately, camera is not allowed inside the museum. Planetarium is not so well ventilated, so you end up sleeping after 10 min's and then it is really difficult to listen to presenter.

Entry ticket in Museum + Planetarium (Rs. 35)

Entry ticket in art gallery (Rs. 10)

Temple is at the little high with no facility for hand wash near the shoe stand. They have put up a rope in the path of basins faraway. Bracing all these, we managed to reach the lower steps of temple only to be returned for leaving our camera and cell phone away. I do understand the security, but unfortunately best view of Hussain Sagar is from the top of the temple steps only :-( Add to that, carpet less marble steps. In summers, it would be really difficult to go through these barefoot. One things is marvelous though. Birlas have spent a good sum on this temple. Marbles itself would have cost a grand amount and there are only few cracks in few places.  This complex is really huge. Perhaps, they can allow people to take up cameras up to certain levels in the steps to click a pose or two. or have an official photographer who will give Polaroid photos in the background of the lake. 

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