Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today's team outing in Celebrity club

FY is about to end and thus there is rush to do things before budget expires. So we went on a team outing. Due to rains in Hyderabad, departure got delayed, so we reached by 12 PM only. But this did not dampen our spirits and we immediately went for a game of football which got interrupted only by some heavy drizzling.

Then we headed for bar to round off the time with some beer. This was followed by Lunch and some time near swimming pool.

And finally we went for 5 sets of volleyball. Considering that most of us usually do not do any exercises, completing 5 sets seemed so pleasing after earlier escapades. But, once back at home, I slept like anything for 3.5 hours.

The celebrity club looked ok only. Their design is old Hyderabad pattern done by some pre-liberalization guy. Also, swimming pool had no facility to take out excess  water resulting in water coming out of it on the grass. Chairs also were done of real heavy metal. It was very difficult to move them around. So if anyone wanted to go away from water coming out of pool, it was difficult.

But, this place has good facility for sports and horse-riding which few may likes. One big problem with their volleyball arena is that it is not closed from top. This meant one had to run out many times when ball went out of side nets. They should either remove side nets or increase their height. 

Due to this hectic schedule, I could not even use my camera properly.

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