Saturday, June 23, 2007

Taj has outlived its usefulness for India

As per a theory, Taj was built after destroying some old temple or palace. And these guys have pretty much strong argument. If this is the case, Taj is a symbol of atrocity and not the love.
If above is not the case, then as per folklore, it was built by best builders and craftsman whose hands were chopped off after the construction. Still then it is a symbol of atrocity and not of love. A true lover can never do that, only a bad tempered king can do it. A true lover always wants to spread his love.
I went to Agra some time back and seen all 5 major monuments there excluding sikri. And Sikandara looked more serene and useful to me compared to Taj Mahal. Sikandara looks like it was done by a person who liked the practicality above luxury. Taj signifies opulence without any soul in it.
Then do we really need this soulless thing to be our national symbol. With god's grace, India now has enough to feed its citizen and we need not preserve symbols from the dying philosophy & manner of living. What we need is the modern structures and not these atrocious things. More tourists will come if we give & show them something of present era. Past can only attract a few. We should be shameful of this symbol rather than feeling proud. It has no space in the democratic values of today. It is an ugly reminder that once people were so unequal that someone like shah-e-jehan could get away with such heinous crimes against humanity.
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