Friday, June 22, 2007

Slow changes in L&T Infotech

Here is some good example of how not to do your web page. A client get first experience by the web site and these guys have decided to confuse him/her with all these flashy images. And since when L&T Infotech got 6 decades of experience? They need to tell correct things. No one in IT has 6 decades experience except IBM.
And how do they think anyone is going to make sense of "create-an-atmosphere-in-which-the-Professionals-can-perform-at the-peak-of-their-capabilities". This is horrible thinking at the part of some horrible HR.
Add to that feedback link. It asks you so many information, people will move away easily.
Only saving grace is their changed logo. Ultimately, they decided to shed the antiquated one, but still this new one needs some work.
In short, this company has long way to go before shedding off its brick-and-mortar background.
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