Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do I really do what I want?

Staying alone has advantage that you think a lot and some times comes to the conclusion which are disturbing. I am battling with one such thought since long.

Do we really do what we want to do?

If this is the case, the successful one will never crib about anything ever. But, I haven't seen anyone till now who does not crib about one or other things. If they do not crib about life as we lesser mortals do, they want to change the face of nations / companies / societies. They want to change laws for the seemingly good cause.

However, deep down in their psyche, they are also unhappy !!! Otherwise, they will never talk of change and just live. When they ask for change in societies for greater goods, it is basically their lust of power. People realize that world running by the laws created by other people will follow other's dictum and take others as leaders. To counteract this, we want to impose our own rules & structures, so that we are perceived as leaders.

I have derived something from this hypothesis. Deep down in their heart, everyone wants an Asshole at their disposal who will do their bidding and ask nothing in return. They want to provide only enough to this ass so that it stays alive.

This ass becomes their vent for the lost power they could not achieve in the world. Once you deny them this, they become mad. Or those who realize somehow that they have been converted into an Asshole / ass becomes mad. 

So, we have 2 types of mad people. You can count chromic drunkards also in this mad category. And add mentally unstable ones somehow surviving in society but always on borderline.

  1. First group is those who has no Ass / Asshole at their disposal. Their constant rant during the bout of madness is that no one listens to them and they shout at their highest pitch.  
  2. Second group comprise of previous victims who somehow realized it. It is very difficult to bring them in mainstream. Problem is that deep down in their heart, they have realized that world is full of selfish people who wants to live in the ultimate luxury, but do nothing. And one or few of these selfish brats has overdone himself / herself. This deep distrust to society is hard to erase from one's psyche. This gets complicated by the fact that the victim loses faith in their abilities also.
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