Friday, June 22, 2007

Christianity is inspired by Buddhism

Buddha was born around 600 years earlier than Christ and almost 700-800 years before Church came into existence. By that time, Buddhist sages have matured the institution of Vihar where one Acharya will preside over the place and people will come over for regular prayers. It was a strong institution and a series of such Vihar were built across the world. Unlike Vedic gurukul, these were mostly placed near the population to take advantage of the resources available. Monks were supposed to stay celibate for whole life. These Vihars used to actively participate in the politics also. Purpose of all these Vihars was to spread Buddhism in a big way with political support. They used to manipulate governments to further their interests. 

Try to find these characteristics in a modern day institution and Christianity with its churches comes first in the list.

Towards the end of its time in India, Vihars were the center of meta physical studies with associated Tantra-mantra and practicing of black magic. Power of a monk was known by his power to cure people and stories abounded of Buddha's magic healing power.

Same way, church has always practiced the art of lack magic. It encourages people to make movies, write stories based on the devil and its demonic actions. And all of these stories unerringly shows church as only salvation place. It works by creating fear in people's mind, so that more and more of them comes to church.

All are just reminiscent of the strategies adopted by Buddhist institutions.

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