Saturday, June 23, 2007

Changing Hyderabad

I took an auto from Hyderabad central today. When starting up, auto drivers was looking backward many times. On enquiring, I understood that some lady has come to central in really skimpy bikini type dress and that's what he was staring into.

And then the guy started venting his amusement at the way Mumbai culture is changing Hyderabad. In reality, it is an import from North India, they feel like it came from Mumbai. After correcting him, His one innocuous question was that whether everyone in north wears only Jeans and Tees.

It seems Software engineers are brining many more things to Hyderabad. What the constant influx of Telugu people from remote areas of Andhra could not do, would be completed by Northern software engineers. Traffic in the city has went up manifold, property prices are skyrocketing, ~30 new malls are coming up.

I wonder whether Hyderabad will be able to provide for so many or not. Water table has already gone too low this year, so the city is dependent upon imported Krishna and Godavari water. But with so fast development, these will also prove to be inadequate very soon. 

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