Friday, June 22, 2007

Bob Woolmer's death in Jamaica

Pakistan coach Woolmer wasn't murdered You can follow this saga on this link. My view is that, despite all the huffing-puffing and role playing by various interested players, result is ultimately as expected. Under pressure from UK & USA, Jamaican police has decided not to pursue the case for log. From the beginning, strategy was clear cut. They knew who committed this crime all along. However, revealing the identity would have embarrassed someone for sure. It may have been Pakistan, India or some bookie syndicate. This would have snowballed to a major controversy. Therefore, they played the classic game of shifting focus from one guy to another, one angle to another and ultimately declared it as no crime.

But, all this Geo-Politics is surely going to affect cricket in big way. Once the people involved in this got away scot free, others will be encouraged to do the same. Only the game of cricket will be harmed.


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