Monday, December 31, 2007

My new year pledge for 2008 (Year of Rat)

I will save the world if given the chance. I will multiply myself, pump full of hot air in my body automatically, jump 10000 kms in nanoseconds, go to space without space suit and learn all old and new gadgets, but save it anyway :-) And forgot to say that I will find ample time for beach-vacation also.

If all super heroes saved the world at least once, why should not I get one chance?

If you subscribe to my cause, Please send a mail to while keeping the mailing list in cc.

You can use VOIP address for voice chat with God also.

Thanks in advance for your support and encouragement.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Use Windows media player to convert bitrate of music files in bulk

You need an USB pen drive for the same. I used the same. This method works with WMP 11 only. I have not checked with previous versions.

  1. Attach the USB pen drive.
  2. Go to Sync tab in WMP 11.
  3. Click on the inverted triangle shown below Sync title and it shows the name of your device in Menu.
  4. Clicking on device name shows "Advanced options" in submenu.
  5. Select "Advanced Option" and go to the Quality tab.
  6. You can now choose the quality of syncing and the required bit rate. Only trouble is that the conversion done by WMP is in WMA format. This is though supported by most of the device based players and definitely in windows mobile device.
  7. Now you can copy the converted files from the USB drive to anywhere including the storage card in MOTO Q-GSM.

This solved my another problem with MOTO Q-GSM.

How to bulk sync Music to the storage drive in MOTO Q-GSM

This is Windows Mobile 6 device with 41 MB of free main Flash memory and 1 GB of storage card. I have setup the Music library in my MOTO Q-GSM to storage card. Still when I try to sync using WMP 11, it does not try to sync to the storage card, but to the main memory. This means if I have more than 41 MB to sync, I cannot do all together. So, I synced to USB drive which WMP did very eagerly and then to the Storage card of MOTO Q-GSM.

Some quirky things

  1. Why WMP does not sync Video files to the USB pen drive?
  2. Why it cannot give the option of changing bit rate outright in the Media player. When we convert and sync to an USB drive together, it takes good amount of time.
  3. When WMP will allow sync from MP3 format to MP3 format?
  4. When will WMP start recognizing Storage card in the Windows Mobile device?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My experience with Windows Vista X64

I had got AMD 64 Athlon box since long time, but was not able to utilize it fully as I had legal copy of Windows XP 32 bit with me only. For me XP, my system was kind of top-end, in India for average home use, with 1 GB RAM & 160 GB IDE HDD.

I got legal copy of Windows Vista X64 / X32 in April this year, but owing to following factor, I was not able to install it

  1. Laziness.
  2. Low disk space remaining on the HDD.
  3. Wary of installing Vista Ultimate edition on 1 GB RAM system.
  4. Afraid of not able to get any drivers for X64 configuration.

Ultimately, after a long dithering and with the help of yearly bonus, I decided to upgrade my system and went for a 1 GB extra RAM and another 320 GB SATA HDD. It is a separate story that I managed to burn some IC in the HDD during installation and Seagate ended up replacing the same with 750 GB HDD for no extra charge.

With this mighty system, I decided to take risk with Vista installation and freed up D drive on my machine and moved all 100 GB data to the new HDD. This allowed me to extend D drive to 90 GB after leaving around 60 GB for C drive. Remember that I am still keeping XP 32 bit as backup system, so this will be dual boot machine.

I then installed Vista X64 (instead of X86/32 bit) on D drive purely for the purpose of utilizing AMD64 architecture. Sp, I noticed following things

  1. C and D drive are now OS dependent. The drive that XP considers as C is now treated as D by Vista.
  2. Installation took around 40 minutes after many reboots.
  3. It recognized most of the devices on my system and I could connect to Internet very first day using BSNL Dataone connection.
  4. I installed my usual day to day application like Office 2007, Bitcomet, Download accelerator, GTalk, Y!Msngr, Visual Studio 2005, ETrust 7.1 etc. It showed some displeasure with Nero installation, but it is working fine as of now.
  5. It could not recognize GemPlus GEMPC430 smart card reader though.

What I liked here

  1. IE7 performs better than XP.
  2. Search bar in the Start menu which searches everything on HDD.
  3. Shutdown & restart buttons which does not show annoying popup on the screen asking for my choice.
  4. UAC handling. Although it leaves a lot to be desired now, it is still a step in correct direction.
  5. facility to increase and decrease icons on the desktop up to 128 levels.
  6. They remove My from all the places like "My computer", "My documents" etc making it easy to have small menus.

What I did not like here

  1. Even though I have installed 2 GB RAM, it won't show me Aero Experience. This is bad in my view.
  2. Windows Explorer is too cluttered.
  3. Lot of things require  more clicks only but their basic functionality is same as XP.
  4. Network connection wizard is annoying as it adds one extra screen for no reason in the beginning.
  5. Sidebar is still not very impressive.


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Monday, November 12, 2007

My new Mobile MOTO Q-GSM

Comparison of few windows mobile devices or Select yourself from here.

I bought this in Hyderabad, India for Rs. 16700. If I had paid cash, the amount would have been Rs. 16500. For this amount, I got following things

  1. Windows Mobile 6 Standard powered Smartphone. Standard is different than Professional available in HTC touch which supports Office Mobile & Outlook Mobile. It is black coloured as compared to Silver one shown on web site. I would have gone for that if available in the shop.
  2. Reasonably sized screen with good width.
  3. An extra fat battery with a cover that will fit in this battery. This can be used when out for longer hours.
  4. A portable charger which allows charging of phone up to 10 times. So you charge this portable charger and take it with you wherever you go.
  5. Good music player with 2 speakers in the backside so that whole drawing room can listen the song when on full volume.
  6. QWERTY keyboard which allows good typing. It takes a while to get used to this after the normal cell phone, but it is worth it. Auto-completion is also good, but I had difficulty figuring out how to insert special characters and uppercase.
  7. Unlocked phone. Although I heard from people that unlocking the competing HTC Touch is not a big deal.
  8. Camera: 1.3 MP 6.0x digital zoom.
  9. Miscellaneous:
    • 1 GB MiniSD card. It can support up to 2 GB only.
    • 64 MB internal memory where 23 Mb is used by OEM software and 41 MB is available for use.
    • A pouch for holding phone in belt.
    • An USB charger cum data cable.
    • Support for ActiveSync 4.5.

What I did not get is

  1. Touch screen which is available in HTC touch, Rs. 17000 to 19500 and Palm Treo, Airtel price Rs. 26990 but street price may differ. Both these phones are locked with Airtel network. Legally you can get these unlocked by paying Rs. 2500 to Airtel, but in the gray market, it can be done in Rs. 250 to 500.
  2. SIM manger utility available with HTC Touch which allows the bulk transfer of data from SIM to Phone and back in simple steps. Motorola wants to make more money, so they removed this, so that people will buy their $38 "MOTO phone tools" to do these operations.
  3. A 2 MP camera which is available with HTC Touch.
  4. Wi-Fi: It is not having 802 network connectivity option, neither Infrared.
  5. MS office Mobile. Motorola has replaced MS office with Some application named as "Document To Go". I have not yet used it to see how much it can replace Office Mobile.

Basically, when buying the phone, I did not realise that 4 & 5 should be considered, but you can never be smarter than sales professionals. They always manages to fool you in this or that aspect.

I have chosen this after comparing with following

  • Sony Ericsoon P1i @ Rs. 20400. I did not go for this as this does not have WM. And camera at 3.2 MP is just luxury. Touch screen is not necessity with me.
  • Sony Ericsson W580i @ Rs. 11800. Looks odd, isn't it? But Music was one of my option and that's why I rejected HTC Touch.
  • Nokia N95 and similar choices. Did not check much for this as Nokia is not so great in Smartphone market.

How I fixed my first problem with this device

Problem statement:

I wanted to transfer all my SIM contacts (around 170) at once from SIM to MOTO Q phone main memory. Unfortunately, SIM manager tool is not available which is available in windows mobile professional in touch. I found few on net, but am wary of downloading them. Why I needed to do this is to transfer rest of my 70 contacts saved in my old Sony Ericsson T105 phone which does not support any new age communication options like Bluetooth etc. But, it allows you to transfer all contacts from Phone main memory to SIM. The catch is that in that case, it will overwrite all 70 entries from the beginning Nth position in SIM list. So I needed to first transfer all my contacts from SIM to MOTO Q and then get the T105 contacts on SIM for re-transfer to MOTO Q. Since MOTO Q does not have bulk transfer app from SIM, copying all one by one was tedious choice.


I figured out a good way despite Motorola's best attempts to make me buy their "MOTO Phone Tools" in $38 :-) I found a friend who had a mobile with Bluetooth and an unused SIM card.

  1. Insert that unused SIM into my old T105. Use the "Copy all to SIM" option which erases all SIM contact when transferring bulk data from phone to SIM.
  2. Transfer all 70 contacts to SIM.
  3. Insert unused SIM back in Bluetooth enabled phone.
  4. Use Bluetooth PIM synchronization with MOTO Q which then transfers all contacts from SIM to Phone.

Contact me if you face any problem here.

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How MNC's operate in different countries

To see an example, open the MOTOROLA web site and check the country from the top box. Choose India, Bhutan, Eritrea and USA and see the different type of web pages. Basically you should notice the orientation of sales team in these countries from these separate interfaces. If you have difficulty figuring out the same, drop a comment here.

As a hint, India would have got the same page as Bhutan and Eritrea some 15 years back :-)

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gandhi jayanti ignored by all Major web portals

All the web portals are very much ahead in celebrating US festivals, but they failed to take notice of Gandhi jayanti. I had not seen anyone of them change their logos to remember Bapu. This being only other national holiday in India after republic day and independence day, perhaps they will take notice next time. Bapu is still still the most remembered personality from India in recent past. they will have to take notice sooner or later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never try to change the existing belief system

In last 2-3 years, I got the answers to an old unsolved doubt plaguing me for log time. I used to wonder a lot why humans do not mind to create rubbish things and stay away from show-offs.

It seems we inherently loves the chaos and creating garbage. When we are stopped from doing that, we transfer garbage creation duty to others. And the biggest hero in human histories are those who has managed to create maximum amount of damage to environment. We just can't get enough of them at all. 

The guy who understand only this part tries to oppose the system. But most of the time, they end up in smithereens or are promoted to demo-god status. These demo-gods are then not supposed to do any real work like Indian president. They are just ceremonial head who are their to please the devotees. The mistake committed by guys who only understood the garbage creation part is that they start challenging exiting processes and organizations. Herein lies the big trouble.

One must never try to question the existing practices deep-rooted in the system. For better or worst, they are ingrained in the psyche of guys involved who have developed a certain comfort level around that. It is in the interest of old guys from the system to let the system run as it is. If anyone tries to look too deep inside, most of them develops some uneasiness and then combine together to hit the guy digging too much. This coming together is not by design but like the reflex action of our body which all comes together, stiffen our body when some attack comes. They do not differentiate between friendly and unfriendly external bodies unless reminded quickly by the brain. It is like when retreating armies used to go inside fortified places earlier to add extra level of defense to keep outsiders out of the place. The citizens of the fortified cities were bullied into submission and forced to oppose the attacker even when attackers could do better for the citizens.

The best way in these scenarios for a guy who wants to change things is to start a new place and let the old one rot itself to stinking level. If the inmates do not have courage to question the existing system, it makes no sense to awaken them. They have permanently sold their soul and will never awaken. A lost soul can never be recreated at any cost, so any effort to do that is of no use.

Taking in new situations, the parable in the organizations is to think of new roles or new buildup. When the new buildup will come up, the old thing itself will dwarf out in front of this. It may be more environment friendly or cost efficient to change the old system, but unfortunately no one likes that.

I have finally understood this bitter truth and hope there are not too much effort involved on my friend's part. This is a big shocking when one first realizes it, but ultimately there is no running away from this if we have to live in the world for our allotted amount of time. No one cares enough for the world and people around them, so an alone person thinking about that can never achieve success.

Those who will like to repeat the cliche that "Impossible is nothing" or other such oft-repeated phrases can only be sympathized at.  Their ignorance will surely go away one day and that will be best day of their life. The quickly one understands this ugly aspect of human life, it is better for them. 


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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another major mishap in Hyderabad

Part of an under construction Flyover connecting Banjara Hills Road Number 1 to Somajiguda collapsed today leaving many people dead. This has happened on the stretch connecting Nagarjuna circle to Panjagutta circle. Rest of flyover seems to be safe.

It rained really heavy in Hyderabad today. I had went to Panjagutta area on Bike to do some shopping in Loft (The big shoe shop), stone's throw from accident site. It started raining cats and dogs at around 6.30 PM and the rain coupled with heavy winds continued for next 1 hours or so. We were struck in front of Loft shop for whole one hour. Since Panjagutta circle is lower than Nagarjuna circle & Banjara hills road number 1 & 2, all the rain water was coming towards this circle like a seasonal monsoon rivulet. And the heavy wind was directly coming onto the under construction part which later on collapsed. These 2 things, heavy water logging and harsh winds may have weakened the structure supporting this bridge and it then gave way. Or it may be that some motorists may have hit some steel columns used to support new construction.

I remember seeing 3 Apollo ambulances moving towards the area when they diverted me from Nagarjuna circle towards Jubilee Hills. It could have been me also there. I was returning back to this stretch after leaving earlier at 7.30 post the rains hoping to get better traffic and a way to Hyderabad central later on. But, even at the second time, I could not go far and then this happened when we were diverted towards L V Prasad Institute.

It is surely going to delay this flyover and add to bigger traffic chaos. Also, this will lead to narrower traffic lane near the flyover. But, in absence of any other convenient route, people are unlikely not to use it. Also, this will affect traffic going towards the new Hyderabad international airport (due to complete by Next year) from Secunderabad area. Tags: , ,

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A suggested windows error message

Your system seems to be slightly tired like you. Suggest giving it some coffee break by restarting while you take a slight nap.

If the tiredness still continues, contact some local MVP or online pharmacy full of MVPs. If still no respite, you may consider going back to home / go outside for walk / retire for the night while let your computer also sleep in peace.

If you have read up to here, report this potentially By design point to overloaded Dr. Watson via send error report. No guarantee of resolution or response though.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lessons from current Hyderabad Blast

The impunity with which these blasts [Lumbini park near Hussain sagar Lake & Gokul chat in Koti, Old city] have happened within a very short time, it leaves much to be desired. Within 3 months of blast in Mecca masjid, Police failed to pro vide good security in the public place like Lumbini park. Not much could have been done for Gokul chat, but Lumbini park one was avoidable.

It seems to be the failure of intelligence although State minister for Home portfolio claims that in the country of 1 Arab, anyone can blast anything at any time. What a worthless statement from the guy handling Home portfolio in central government. Have he never heard of Intelligence apparatus? These congress politicians are busy with their vote politics only.

These blasts will ensure one thing. Many bright people will think many times before shifting to this place. At the same time, market will react in very bad way. I do not see that Y S R Reddy has any intention to improve policing and intelligence in the state. He, himself with shoddy background, is busy more with his political maneuvers than to think about these. Some time back, there was call about bombs in court and an MNC. I myself am now thinking about shifting to better city.

Add to the incompetence of these politicians, we have a peculiar situation in this place. people from a particular community does not allow police to go into their areas. The reason being that they are involved in many gray activities. These activities are not necessarily terror activities, but are of general petty nature like piracy, duplicates etc etc. They do not want police to enter their area as their illegal activities will be exposed to the public and Police will extort money.  This means the terrorist also get free hand when staying in those areas. Normal people are not able to recognize them and these guys can come out any time to commit these things. Tags: , , ,

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Why commercial software should not fear open source

  1. Open source software is mostly written by students and few rebel heart people. In case of later, they does something when their is free time away from the job. The moment job demand grows up, they will deflect taking away valuable knowledge with them. In case of students, when they join industry, most of them will drop out of it when in industry. So, there is no long term full time commitment from core developers. 
  2. Most of the software created starts with the niche market demand and then grows up for big user base when demand picks up. However, The moment they decide to grow big, perils of big software chips in immediately. Few of these are
    1. Need to maintain portability across the platforms as well as with the old version of itself. This means lots of dead code starts appearing in the code and size starts increasing. Add to that, aging of software due to this factor and they become similar like commercial one.
    2. As the less technical user comes in to use, they need fool-proof things without any hassles. This is the moment when commercialism starts to creep in since long term commitment from core developers is missing. When support companies will start sprouting and make noise on the forums due to their inherent interest in maintaining status quo, genuine guys will move away.

Finally, the developer community which was earlier frustrated with commercial guys due to perceived unresponsiveness starts seeing the nature of this attitude. Once they start writing their own big software and try to maintain it, they understand why the commercial guys may be unresponsive at times. This means they will come back and buy more commercial software developed and maintained by people whose livelihood depend on those.

Open source is good thing, but it has some limits which will not allow it to grow very big. It will stay limited to niche components and proof of concept research things. Tags:

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where will I check news after 10 years - Mobile or Internet ?

What I am talking about

Accepted that Internet is a key driver in the development of mobile market these days, but I am talking about mind share. It may happen that Internet will remain a key player in the content play of Mobile ISPs, but the questions are

  1. Which medium will be preferred by businessmen and youth alike for knowing the latest state of the art in their area?
  2. People will look into their mobiles to know the news and stock quotes or open desktop & laptop for that?
  3. They will listen songs from the mobile radio stations or create their customized playlist on the Internet?
  4. Sharing of interesting multimedia content, mostly illegal, over Internet will be so easy as it is now? 

Current situation

Mobiles are a poor second or third cousin when it comes to content delivery. And I am not even hinting about the YouTube or P2P. Due to poor batteries or the bandwidth problems, mobiles are not able to satisfy the daily news requirements of a professional or a youth satisfactorily. At the same time, Internet capability is one big selling point for high end mobiles. 

So, on the face of it, it seems like mobiles will remain the same as another medium for Internet and latter will rule in the minds of people.  

Why do I have doubts about the last paragraph

Explosion of content on Internet.

To experience all these, you basically need to be near your laptop which needs a good power connection if you wants to enjoy for long time.

With mobiles, the medium is always with you, it is always on, it is easy to check even standing on in the queue or hanging from bus/Metro railing.

Technically advanced nature of Internet.

To have the best use of Internet, you need to create you own mashup and keep improving it always to remain relevant. This means one needs to be technically advanced. At the same time, today's PCs needs lots of tweaking up to get them work in the way exactly you want. Even for a basic setup like Mail and browsing needs a fairly technical brain. A lot of people use PCs for that purpose only.

Now imagine the situation where Mobiles will be able to seamlessly connect to web and shows mail in the same time lag or the same as the broadband. Or say in the acceptable time frame. As a parable, a human eye can not distinguish more than 16 images in a second, so Movies shows just a little more than 16 frames in a second and it works well. If you increase the speed, it goes bad. This is what I mean by acceptable speed in case of Mobile Email. Add to that an acceptable browsing speed. A rider is here that this should be ubiquitous also, even in outskirts or any inhabitant area where Internet has reached. So, if I can access news and mail on Mobile even with a slightly bigger form factor than the current one, why will I turn to my PC for that? Some will say that to check for attachments, but that can be resolved by ISPs by converting these in acceptable form if user demands it.  

Misleading Content on Internet.

You need to be really good guy to figure out which news is correct. There are contents given by authentic companies also, but you get tempted by other things also and ultimately end up wasting time. 

But, in case of Mobiles, mostly content will be filtered by the ISPs and it will be only targeted content. Due to inherent restrictions of these devices, user will not browse too many sites and ultimately will get hooked to few of them. And with the time, ISP will also become responsible and provide the good and correct content.

Is it possible to correct these issues with Internet

Unfortunately, it seems it is difficult to correct these issues. The very democratic nature of Internet is biggest trouble in that. What is going to happen in future

  1. People will start feeling that they are wasting more time on Internet than learning.
  2. They will realize that too much content is not very useful.
  3. They will realize that it is painful to setup OS, get another Internet connection and then setup that for browsing when Mobile connection is seamlessly giving all that.

So what would be the future

I do not know, but tried to list our few troubling thing with Internet usage. Currently it is a fad among people and it is fashionable among people to flaunt their computing skills. But soon they will realize that it is yet another  medium for data delivery and they will go for simplest solution that will connect them to Internet. And once they start using Mobiles for that, they will stop saying that "I checked it on Internet". The phrase will be "I checked it on my Mobile" and mind share will be won in the mater of news medium.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Transformation of MTV in India

Earlier this channel was DJ heavy. They will come up after every 10 mins and end up giving some faalatu sound bites to show off their cool attitudes. However, in the Internet age, people started getting fed up of these old baasi jokes and histrionics.

And then MTV decided to convert itself into a "video radio". Most of the time they are just playing same new songs without any break by DJs. These are broken by Advertisements only. And rest of the time is taken by some interactive programming like this or that survey :-)

But this also means a genre of creative presenters who flourished on MTV will not come back again. perhaps no one has patience to listen to DJs now. Tags: , , ,

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Best view of Hussain Sagar is from Birla temple

This weekend, I managed to go to Birla temple after almost being 1.5 years in Hyderabad. This was really eye-opening thing tour in the sense that this place is a true technical island in the midst of medieval structures around it.

They have now added a modern art gallery, short of any air-conditioning though, in this campus also. Also, half of the paintings are really a wastage of the valuable real estate. But, one terracota work, done to show all forms of major Vedic mythological figures is really great work. One should go to this gallery only for this structure only.

The dinosaur museum has one dinosaur skeleton found somewhere in Yemenpalli in Adilabad district. Half of the exhibits in the science museum do not work so great. But, a collection of old computers relegated to an odd corner without lighting is worth seeing. And to top it all, they have a  permanent pearl exhibition also in that museum. Unfortunately, camera is not allowed inside the museum. Planetarium is not so well ventilated, so you end up sleeping after 10 min's and then it is really difficult to listen to presenter.

Entry ticket in Museum + Planetarium (Rs. 35)

Entry ticket in art gallery (Rs. 10)

Temple is at the little high with no facility for hand wash near the shoe stand. They have put up a rope in the path of basins faraway. Bracing all these, we managed to reach the lower steps of temple only to be returned for leaving our camera and cell phone away. I do understand the security, but unfortunately best view of Hussain Sagar is from the top of the temple steps only :-( Add to that, carpet less marble steps. In summers, it would be really difficult to go through these barefoot. One things is marvelous though. Birlas have spent a good sum on this temple. Marbles itself would have cost a grand amount and there are only few cracks in few places.  This complex is really huge. Perhaps, they can allow people to take up cameras up to certain levels in the steps to click a pose or two. or have an official photographer who will give Polaroid photos in the background of the lake. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some cool videos

How to say news and what is the perception of people about news.

A cool Live search advertisement that is far better than Hutch ad being shown in India.

World's fastest production car is surely a big polluter but thanks to its price many will not buy it. And even fewer will be able to bring it to even the half of top speed.

Supposed to be a comic thing about outsourcing, this is farce at its worst. Humor should not demean anyone and this video is clearly trying to do the same. 

Spiritualists are positive thinkers ??????

All the non-believers and non-spiritualists are blamed by religious believers to be following the negative philosophy. It is said that who are not going to church / mosque / temple everyday are looking at the negative sides of life and not following the correct path.

My assertion is that Non-believers were like this always. We always liked not to follow any set path but just do the living. What happened next is that people could not face life's increasing difficulties in increasingly complex world. They then went ahead and created some imaginary figure where they can turn to when no answers are available to them.

Ultimately few others came along and they decided to show people how to find their correct path at some point in time. so, 2000 years back, Jesus shown the way. That way solved the problem of those times. Now the people who were looking to imaginary gods suddenly had a living icon and they converted that icon to god.

His path may have been partially true even now, but it needs to be modified by equally brilliant person as per the current demands. This is where non-believers choose to disagree. They want old path to be corrected to reflect current realities while believers still follows 2000 old sayings.  And because non-believers have chosen to question this old 2000 year old theory, they are branded as negativist.

With the same yardstick then, even believers can be termed as the negativist. They are not ready to change and so trying to stop the flow of thoughts. Tags: , ,

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

My recent Pune trip

This time, I got to know the city much more than earlier. This is now to the extent that it will be difficult for any auto rickshaw driver to take me for granted any more. I can still remember the time when someone had charged me Rs. 140 for around 6-7 Kms :-(

Few interesting things that I learned are

  1. Never try to criticize Shivaji at any cost in this city. It is not that I invited some trouble, but just learned it.
  2. Pune is fast giving competition to Bangalore in all aspects. Be it traffic, IT parks, rents or real estate prices, it is almost emulating Bangalore in every way. Add to that the generally cool environment here, it is really getting bangalored quickly.
  3. IT parks in Pune will soon overcome Bangalore in a big way. I just had a look at the new Infosys facility which is still developing in MIDC Phase 2 and the scale of operations are really mammoth. 40 buildings that can house ~25000 people in one campus can probably be done by Infosys only. WIPRO also has good center there and I probably liked first WIPRO building in MIDC Phase 2.


  1. Restaurants in this city are still catering to predominantly student population only. Only few have upgraded their standards according to new age professionals coming into the city.
  2. Army bases need to move out of the city now to make way for better city infrastructure.
  3. More buses needs to ply on the road although it is progressing in correct directions.
  4. Motorists needs to be more willing to respect traffic signals.


Basically, if it grows correctly, very soon it can be worthy competitor to Mumbai and very well help decongest Mumbai. And if Bangalore does not catch up fast, Pune can become IT capital of India. Hyderabad is nowhere in race for sure. Tags: , , ,

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do I really do what I want?

Staying alone has advantage that you think a lot and some times comes to the conclusion which are disturbing. I am battling with one such thought since long.

Do we really do what we want to do?

If this is the case, the successful one will never crib about anything ever. But, I haven't seen anyone till now who does not crib about one or other things. If they do not crib about life as we lesser mortals do, they want to change the face of nations / companies / societies. They want to change laws for the seemingly good cause.

However, deep down in their psyche, they are also unhappy !!! Otherwise, they will never talk of change and just live. When they ask for change in societies for greater goods, it is basically their lust of power. People realize that world running by the laws created by other people will follow other's dictum and take others as leaders. To counteract this, we want to impose our own rules & structures, so that we are perceived as leaders.

I have derived something from this hypothesis. Deep down in their heart, everyone wants an Asshole at their disposal who will do their bidding and ask nothing in return. They want to provide only enough to this ass so that it stays alive.

This ass becomes their vent for the lost power they could not achieve in the world. Once you deny them this, they become mad. Or those who realize somehow that they have been converted into an Asshole / ass becomes mad. 

So, we have 2 types of mad people. You can count chromic drunkards also in this mad category. And add mentally unstable ones somehow surviving in society but always on borderline.

  1. First group is those who has no Ass / Asshole at their disposal. Their constant rant during the bout of madness is that no one listens to them and they shout at their highest pitch.  
  2. Second group comprise of previous victims who somehow realized it. It is very difficult to bring them in mainstream. Problem is that deep down in their heart, they have realized that world is full of selfish people who wants to live in the ultimate luxury, but do nothing. And one or few of these selfish brats has overdone himself / herself. This deep distrust to society is hard to erase from one's psyche. This gets complicated by the fact that the victim loses faith in their abilities also.
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Taj has outlived its usefulness for India

As per a theory, Taj was built after destroying some old temple or palace. And these guys have pretty much strong argument. If this is the case, Taj is a symbol of atrocity and not the love.
If above is not the case, then as per folklore, it was built by best builders and craftsman whose hands were chopped off after the construction. Still then it is a symbol of atrocity and not of love. A true lover can never do that, only a bad tempered king can do it. A true lover always wants to spread his love.
I went to Agra some time back and seen all 5 major monuments there excluding sikri. And Sikandara looked more serene and useful to me compared to Taj Mahal. Sikandara looks like it was done by a person who liked the practicality above luxury. Taj signifies opulence without any soul in it.
Then do we really need this soulless thing to be our national symbol. With god's grace, India now has enough to feed its citizen and we need not preserve symbols from the dying philosophy & manner of living. What we need is the modern structures and not these atrocious things. More tourists will come if we give & show them something of present era. Past can only attract a few. We should be shameful of this symbol rather than feeling proud. It has no space in the democratic values of today. It is an ugly reminder that once people were so unequal that someone like shah-e-jehan could get away with such heinous crimes against humanity.
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Changing Hyderabad

I took an auto from Hyderabad central today. When starting up, auto drivers was looking backward many times. On enquiring, I understood that some lady has come to central in really skimpy bikini type dress and that's what he was staring into.

And then the guy started venting his amusement at the way Mumbai culture is changing Hyderabad. In reality, it is an import from North India, they feel like it came from Mumbai. After correcting him, His one innocuous question was that whether everyone in north wears only Jeans and Tees.

It seems Software engineers are brining many more things to Hyderabad. What the constant influx of Telugu people from remote areas of Andhra could not do, would be completed by Northern software engineers. Traffic in the city has went up manifold, property prices are skyrocketing, ~30 new malls are coming up.

I wonder whether Hyderabad will be able to provide for so many or not. Water table has already gone too low this year, so the city is dependent upon imported Krishna and Godavari water. But with so fast development, these will also prove to be inadequate very soon. 

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Today's team outing in Celebrity club

FY is about to end and thus there is rush to do things before budget expires. So we went on a team outing. Due to rains in Hyderabad, departure got delayed, so we reached by 12 PM only. But this did not dampen our spirits and we immediately went for a game of football which got interrupted only by some heavy drizzling.

Then we headed for bar to round off the time with some beer. This was followed by Lunch and some time near swimming pool.

And finally we went for 5 sets of volleyball. Considering that most of us usually do not do any exercises, completing 5 sets seemed so pleasing after earlier escapades. But, once back at home, I slept like anything for 3.5 hours.

The celebrity club looked ok only. Their design is old Hyderabad pattern done by some pre-liberalization guy. Also, swimming pool had no facility to take out excess  water resulting in water coming out of it on the grass. Chairs also were done of real heavy metal. It was very difficult to move them around. So if anyone wanted to go away from water coming out of pool, it was difficult.

But, this place has good facility for sports and horse-riding which few may likes. One big problem with their volleyball arena is that it is not closed from top. This meant one had to run out many times when ball went out of side nets. They should either remove side nets or increase their height. 

Due to this hectic schedule, I could not even use my camera properly.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Slow changes in L&T Infotech

Here is some good example of how not to do your web page. A client get first experience by the web site and these guys have decided to confuse him/her with all these flashy images. And since when L&T Infotech got 6 decades of experience? They need to tell correct things. No one in IT has 6 decades experience except IBM.
And how do they think anyone is going to make sense of "create-an-atmosphere-in-which-the-Professionals-can-perform-at the-peak-of-their-capabilities". This is horrible thinking at the part of some horrible HR.
Add to that feedback link. It asks you so many information, people will move away easily.
Only saving grace is their changed logo. Ultimately, they decided to shed the antiquated one, but still this new one needs some work.
In short, this company has long way to go before shedding off its brick-and-mortar background.
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Bob Woolmer's death in Jamaica

Pakistan coach Woolmer wasn't murdered You can follow this saga on this link. My view is that, despite all the huffing-puffing and role playing by various interested players, result is ultimately as expected. Under pressure from UK & USA, Jamaican police has decided not to pursue the case for log. From the beginning, strategy was clear cut. They knew who committed this crime all along. However, revealing the identity would have embarrassed someone for sure. It may have been Pakistan, India or some bookie syndicate. This would have snowballed to a major controversy. Therefore, they played the classic game of shifting focus from one guy to another, one angle to another and ultimately declared it as no crime.

But, all this Geo-Politics is surely going to affect cricket in big way. Once the people involved in this got away scot free, others will be encouraged to do the same. Only the game of cricket will be harmed.


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Christianity is inspired by Buddhism

Buddha was born around 600 years earlier than Christ and almost 700-800 years before Church came into existence. By that time, Buddhist sages have matured the institution of Vihar where one Acharya will preside over the place and people will come over for regular prayers. It was a strong institution and a series of such Vihar were built across the world. Unlike Vedic gurukul, these were mostly placed near the population to take advantage of the resources available. Monks were supposed to stay celibate for whole life. These Vihars used to actively participate in the politics also. Purpose of all these Vihars was to spread Buddhism in a big way with political support. They used to manipulate governments to further their interests. 

Try to find these characteristics in a modern day institution and Christianity with its churches comes first in the list.

Towards the end of its time in India, Vihars were the center of meta physical studies with associated Tantra-mantra and practicing of black magic. Power of a monk was known by his power to cure people and stories abounded of Buddha's magic healing power.

Same way, church has always practiced the art of lack magic. It encourages people to make movies, write stories based on the devil and its demonic actions. And all of these stories unerringly shows church as only salvation place. It works by creating fear in people's mind, so that more and more of them comes to church.

All are just reminiscent of the strategies adopted by Buddhist institutions.

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Starting up here

After trying my hands with unpopularity of Windows live space with, I have decided to try my hands here. And this will be supported by Microsoft own "Windows Live writer", which will allow me to post the same thing in both places without opening both separately.

Let' see what response I am able to get for my largely irrelevant rants here.

To add some tech here, have you recently tried these new MS tools
WMI tools
WIndows Powershell